Last Updated: October 21, 2022

The Best 5 Insurance Agency Management Systems of 2022  

Insurance Agency Management System is an excellent tool for managing your agency’s processes and clients. Once you find the right software for your company, these systems can:  

  • Keep your information organized and up-to-date  
  • Streamline communication 
  • Increase efficiency through data integration functionality  
  • Automate your marketing processes and practices  
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities  
  • Keep you on top of compliance codes  

There are a wide variety of insurance agency management systems out there. So, finding the right one for your business can be tricky!  

To make things easier, we have compiled the best agency management systems of 2022. Check them out, and see which ones fit your requirements.   

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In A Nutshell 

Insurance Agency Management System  Main features 
Applied Epic 
  • Integrated benefits management  
  • Process management and automation  
  • Accounting  
  • Policy management  
  • Sales automation and customer relationship management  
  • Document management  
  • Management of all your business operations from one place  
  • Effortless communication with your employees  
  • HR and people management  
  • Complete clarity on entire business operations 
  • Fully integrated sales pipeline manager  
  • Employee monitoring  
  • Policy management   
  • Agency zoom 



  • Low-code product builder  
  • Product distribution  
  • Underwriting and policy admin  
  • Premium handling and reporting  
  • Integration 



  • Cloud-based solutions  
  • Flexible tools and templates  
  • Compelling user experience  
  • Built on AWS  
  • Integrated partnerships and APIs 

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Applied Epic  

This is a browser-native software with a flexible system that grows and innovates itself along with your business. Applied Epic allows you to automate back-office operations, keep your front-office sales team connected and integrate with customer service and insurer connectivity technologies.  

Main Features  

Integrated benefits management  

Unique Benefits-specific screens capture general plan information, rates, coverages, eligibility criteria, stop loss, and TPA information.  

Process management and automation  

Easy and frequently automate, adapt, and reassign workflows to ensure consistency across all users and locations.  


Integrated accounting designed exclusively for the insurance industry to make FP&A teams more effective and reporting easier.  

Policy management  

Real-time access to policy information at each stage of the policy lifecycle, simplifying back-office management.  

Sales automation and customer relationship management  

View, monitor, track and forecast new business opportunities and renewals through your management system.   

Document management  

Manage, manage, and safeguard documents according to your organization’s policies or your customized procedure. Maintain a simple structure or develop complex folder hierarchies. Search for customers or vendors, generate reports, and track histories and versions.   


Connecteam is a fantastic tool that helps manage remote employees and freelancers. With this app, you can get fully customizable digital audits, forms, and reports, so your agents can access all necessary documents directly from their phones.  

Main Features  

Management of all your business operations from one place  

You can save time and effort because everything is in one place! The following business solutions are all offered by Connecteam:  

  • Employee scheduling  
  • Employee time clock  
  • Online timesheets  
  • Quick task management  
  • Digital forms and checklists  

Effortless communication with your employees  

You can communicate with your entire workforce through your communication app. Through the app, you can share the following:  

  • Updates and announcements  
  • Work chat  
  • Events  
  • Surveys and polls  
  • Knowledge base  
  • Company directory  

HR and people management  

Get everything you need to manage, engage and retain your workforce. Through Connecteam, the following processes will become effortless:  

  • The onboarding process for new hires  
  • Employee documentation and certification  
  • Training and upscaling your employees  
  • Engaging and motivating your employees  

Complete clarity on entire business operations  

Connecteam’s admin dashboard is your go-to tool as a manager. It enables you to add features to your employee app, publish content, run and export reports, change admin access, and monitor all employees from a single location. Automatically track and measure everything in your enterprise app, and make all data visible and actionable.  

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This insurance agency management system is designed for small and modern independent agencies. The software is known mainly for its simplistic set-up, ease of use, and robust client and policy management features.  

Main Features  

Fully integrated sales pipeline manager  

With the fully integrated sales pipeline manager, you can identify new business, round out your current accounts, and effectively manage prospect sales cycles.  

Employee monitoring   

Employee Time Clock enables agency administrators to track their employees’ clock-in/clock-out activities and specify which clock-out causes are reimbursable.  

Policy management  

QQCatalyst allows insurance agencies to give both existing and prospective customers a comprehensive summary of all their current and future insurance policies.  

Agency zoom  

This feature allows agency owners and insurance agents to focus only on selling policies. QQCatalyst will automate everything else.  



Insly is an insurance management system which offers a fully extendable suite of software solutions that can be integrated with your own custom modules to simplify and entirely automate all tasks required to manage a profitable insurance company.

Main Features

Low-code product builder  

Forms, workflows, rating engines, document template editors, endorsement libraries, capacity management, and more are all available.  

Product distribution  

Broker channel support is included by default. APIs expose everything, allowing you to design the ideal Direct-to-Consumer experience.  

Underwriting and policy admin  

Automate cookie-cutter cases for new sales, policy changes in the middle of the year, and automated renewals.  

Premium handling and reporting  

All premium accounting is handled. Bordereaux and management reports are available with a single click to create your customized reports.  


Bring in third-party data to assist your underwriters in making better decisions. Integrate with the rest of your old or current IT stack.  


BriteCore is a cloud-native platform for property and casualty insurers that enables business development, improves productivity and efficiency, and provides a modern client experience.  

Main Features

Cloud-based solutions 

Manage your everyday P&C activities from a single web-based insurance platform. All core, data, and digital components are linked via APIs to provide your users with a seamless and consistent experience.  

Flexible tools and templates  

BriteCore’s insurance platform provides your team with robust capabilities that make product and rating changes quick and easy. Our predefined templates and workflows facilitate the rapid launch of new insurance products, with version control for peace of mind.  

Compelling user experience  

You can use their configurable agent portal, policyholder portal, and mobile app to do business digitally or create your custom-developed portals, apps, and digital experiences that link via our API.  

Built on AWS  

BriteCore is based on Amazon Web Services, the world’s premier hyperscale platform (AWS). Allow your team to function without the constraints of a physical office. Minimize business disruptions, whether local, regional or national, without missing a beat. Grow your insurance company confidently, knowing that your virtual platform is always available.  

Integrated partnerships and APIs  

The network-connected software allows it to grow and absorb the most recent insurance industry trends and technology over time. The BriteCore ecosystem provides you with a plethora of new features through the built-in APIs. 

In Conclusion,

Insurance agency management systems can be life-changing for most agencies. Not only to do they help in the automation of your daily tasks, they also can improve your customer relationships.  

Managing your operations with an AMS can be a great way to focus on more important parts of your business by not wasting time and energy on mundane activities each day.  

Wondering which AMS would work well for your business? Why don’t you explore our insurance directory and see what some of our top listings are working with. Add a listing today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Agency Management Systems Cost?

According to BigIMD, agency management systems can cost $1,000 to $5,000, with monthly fees ranging from $60 to $600. These costs can either increase or decrease depending on the level of features you need as an agency. Thus, having a good AMS is especially important for new agencies as it will pay off in the long run.

Does AMS Software Allow Agents to Work Remotely?

Yes. Agency management software prioritizes efficiency and quality. Users can access most AMS via browsers at any time. This way, agents can stay up to date on everything related to their clients and provide them with top-notch service. Likewise, such systems work very well with remote working models and can also help exceed customer expectations.

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