Sell Insurance Successfully: 5 Amazing Tips To Triumph in 2021

Selling insurance can be a tricky affair, especially if you’re an inexperienced agent. One wrong move can be enough to pull you back to ground zero. Top that up with the high price tags some of the coverage comes with, and insurance agents can often find themselves feeling like they are on a huge precipice. 

It’s normal for agents to ask themselves, “How can I sell insurance with the least amount of hassle?” With such a dynamic market and huge competition, if you’re not making a point to stand out from the crowd, then you’re better off not starting at all. So how can you sell insurance successfully and start earning top dollars?    

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Look like a professional to establish trust

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.”  

When it comes to sales, how you look can greatly influence your clients’ behavior and ultimately their decisions. You could be the perfect agent for a potential client, but if you don’t look the part, they can easily decide to not work with you.   

A professional’s appearance conveys success and will greatly help you with selling insurance. In a way, it might even play a more important role than your skillset and experience. So, get yourself a good suit, shoes, perfume/cologne, clean your glasses and comb your hair. Embody the agent your customer is looking for. 
This is not limited to just your personal style. Your website and office need to embody your brand. Think about how you can convey professionalism and credibility with your website and office’s appearance.  

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Identify and empathize with your customers

Good salespeople know that the greatest weapon in their arsenal is their ability to relate and find common ground with their customers. Research published by Harvard Business Review has shown that one of the most essential qualities that makes a good salesperson is empathy. At the end of the day, your clients are regular people. So always try to find common ground with your clients, and take the conversation forward while you sell insurance. Identify any generational differences, and seek to engage your clients accordingly. Trying to establish a relationship with clients belonging to the baby boomer generation by talking about the latest video on Tiktok might not yield a sale. Rather, talk about their families, their love for their pets, their favorite sports or sports team, etc. Once you’ve found a common topic, build on it. Doing so not just encourages long-term loyalty, but also helps to speed up the sales process.

Network with experienced co-workers

The best mentors are usually the people directly around you. Make it a point to learn something from your contemporaries and peers. A fellow agent that you socialized with might have some valuable insight into a specific topic. Another agent might have been in the field for a longer time and might have experience dealing with certain types of customers.   

Socialize with a certain level of curiosity and be open to constructive criticism. It might be difficult to get started, but it will definitely help you grow to be a better agent and sell insurance more efficiently.     

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Avoid using insurance jargon

We have discussed how important it is for an insurance agent to look professional. But looks can only get you so far in the business. You also need to have a thorough knowledge of the products you’re offering to your clients. Perhaps the most important factor to consider is that the majority of your clients are not going to be familiar with the insurance field.   

So, try to keep insurance jargon to a minimum. When you do use it, make it a point to ask if your client understood all of your points. Step back and think about what buying insurance is like, compared to selling insurance. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and be the agent that you would want to work with.         

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Learn from yourself

Are you the insurance agent that you think you are? This is a question that you need to keep asking yourself throughout your career. Try taking a video of yourself as if you were dealing with a client. Identify specific aspects in the way that you conduct yourself. Is the tone of your voice too grating or harsh? Are you maintaining eye contact? Are you maintaining good posture when you speak? You can also do this with a voice recorder. As an insurance agent, you will often find yourself talking with your clients over the phone and leaving voicemails when you sell insurance. Do you sound confident and professional?  Are you unknowingly using a lot of jargon?

In a Nutshell

Selling insurance is an art form. So, agents need to approach it as such. Research by The Journal of Risk Management and Insurance states that factors such as honesty and personality, the style of presentation, and the physical attributes of the agents all worked together in attaining sales. People seldom spend as much money when purchasing insurance as they do when purchasing anything else in their lives.  So, living up to your potential is a must if you want to beat your competition to the punch. It is crucial to be up to date with all the latest insurance marketing ideas you can find if you want to be a successful agent. So, let us help you reach your full potential and become the insurance agent that your clients can trust. Join our insurance directory and connect with your customers instantly! Has this blog been helpful to you? Comment down below and let us know!

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