Last Updated: September 14, 2022

11 Interesting, Must-Visit Cities with Funny Names For Your Vacation with RV Rental Insurance

TLTR: Sunscreen? Check! Generator? Check! RV rental insurance? Check! Make sure you prepare for your next camping getaway with absolutely everything you need. This article lists 11 American cities with the funniest names that you should not miss while you’re on the road and explains why insurance can help you get there easier.

The U.S. has observed a steady increase in camping enthusiasts over the past couple of years. Kampgrounds of America, Inc. released a report in 2021 which shows that interest in camping is at an all-time high, with a 12% rise in ownership of RVs.  

While you may not want the responsibilities of owning a motorhome, you still want the experience of glamping to your destination with your family. Why not rent an RV and travel the country? Don’t worry, you don’t need to commit to a full-blown RV insurance policy for your rental—an RV rental insurance policy will do! 

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Cities to Visit After Purchasing an RV Rental Insurance Policy

To go along with the insurance details, we’ve compiled a list of 11 cities with the funniest names that you should visit with your family or loved ones. 

Create memories, make connections, and stay on the safe side with the right RV rental insurance for your rental motorhome.

Friendly, West Virginia with RV Rental Insurance

A small town in Tyler County, West Virginia, Friendly is probably one of the smallest settlements in the country. Although tiny, Friendly is a historic town and a setting for the novel Shiloh, an acclaimed children’s novel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Oddly enough, in 1905, the town used to operate an electric interurban railway to a town called Sisterville, according to Tyler Star News. 

While the town may be associated with sisterhood and friendliness, who’s to say that you wouldn’t get robbed on your way there? No matter how careful you are, theft and robbery are very real threats to campers. Yahoo News reports that criminals usually stake out top-end RV models laden with luxury and pounce when the time is right. Fortunately, RV rental insurance coverage protects you against theft and robbery. 

Travel to Fleatown, Ohio with RV Rental Insurance

Fleatown may not be your first choice for a summer getaway, given the name. The town is an unincorporated community in, get this, Licking County, where no official census has ever been conducted. For those of you who love mystery and traveling to places unknown, this town could be just the ticket. 

Don’t worry about pest control while you wander through Fleatown—RV insurance for renters covers pest problems and extermination costs.  

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Dogwalk, Kentucky

This town, an unincorporated community in Lincoln County, is often on the list of people who visit towns with unusual names.  

Do you want to travel with your pets? A study reported by Condor Ferries concluded that 37% of families travel with their furry friends. The best thing about traveling in an RV is that it’s your home away from home. You can take your pets with you on your adventures! But what if your pets bite other travelers or destroy your rental RV? 

Unfortunately, rental RV insurance won’t cover the liabilities of your pets. However, your homeowners insurance can protect you in such a case. Talk to your insurance agent and purchase the right endorsements before your next vacation with your pets. 

Note: Family Motor Coach Association offers RV pet insurance that covers veterinary expenses and more. 

Embarrass, Minnesota 

Back in the days when traveling by canoe was popular, early French explorers would find this particular river rather challenging to navigate. The travelers named the narrow river Embarrass, which in French means “to hinder with difficulties.” The town also was named after the river, which seems to have stuck hundreds of years later. 

If you’re planning to travel in a rental RV, you must get a collision and comprehensive insurance policy on it. Driving a big RV is not easy, and highways aren’t the safest places to drive. Save yourself the pain of having to shell out money from your vacation savings to pay for your liabilities and repairs after a mishap. 

Hazard, Kentucky

Home to hot, humid summers and mild winters, Area Vibes states that Hazard is 30% safer than all cities in the country. The same website reports that violent crimes in Hazard are 25% lower than the national average. For a name that means trouble, this city surprisingly seems to be a dream destination. 

And speaking of Hazard, RV rental insurance coverage offers protection against numerous hazards such as: 

  • Accidental Fires 
  • Power Surge 
  • Fallen Trees 
  • Windstorms 
  • Hailstorms

If you wish, you can add endorsements for protection against flooding and earthquakes.

Hell, Michigan with RV Rental Insurance

Have you been to Hell? The town is a popular traveler’s destination with year-round Halloween decoration and a great rural vibe to it. The residents have embraced the moniker with open arms, and the town is truly one you shouldn’t miss. 

One hell we recommend you do avoid is rear-ending another vehicle or damaging third-party property while driving your rental RV. If such accidents should happen, RV rental insurance for renters covers these driving-related accidents so you can enjoy your vacation in peace. 

Magic City, Idaho

No, the city didn’t get its name because it magically came into existence. Its origin is actually rather mundane compared to its moniker. The city, once considered uninhabitable, was “magically” transformed into one of the most productive farmlands in the country by use of canal irrigation in the 1900s. The successful project in this city funded the foundation of many towns in the region. 

In the same way, purchasing insurance won’t magically save you from all kinds of trouble you meet on the road. RV rental insurance is more a plan B than a magic wand. If you are found responsible for any liabilities, your insurance will not pay for them. Intentional damage is never under coverage. Additionally, RV rental insurance coverage doesn’t extend to your personal property. 


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Big Rock Candy Mountain, Vermont with RV Rental Insurance

If you have a sweet tooth, then you should love the sound of this city. Put on the song of the same name by Harry ‘Haywire’ McClintock on YouTube or any other music streaming app of your choice while you’re on your way! Their RV parks are the jewels of the city, and you’re sure to find travel buddies for the rest of the road. 

Keep yourself financially secure on the road against any falling objects, whether boulders or tree branches, with your RV rental insurance. It would be foolish to pay for your roof repairs out of pocket—the expenses could be upwards of $100,000.  

Burning Well, Pennsylvania with RV Rental Insurance

A quaint village in Pennsylvania, Burning Well is named after a local oil field. It attracts a lot of visitors for its name. While you may find this place chill, you probably should get insurance on your rental RV against any accidental fires. 

Celebration, Florida

To round off your cross-country RV experience, we recommend a penultimate stop at Celebration, Florida. The city was once owned by Disney and is very close to the Walt Disney World Resort. Celebration is great to visit with children, especially if you decide to stay over at the resort. 

Trip to Carefree, Arizona with RV Rental Insurance

The rural, residential township of Carefree, Arizona, is the home of the largest sundial in the country. You will particularly love driving down streets like Ho Hum Road, Easy Street, and Tranquil Trail if you love funny names!  

A great vacation comprises happy singalongs, campfires, and safe drives. It’s one thing to be carefree, but we don’t recommend being careless on the highway. We would love for you to have a worry-free road trip. RV rental insurance can take most of your worries off your shoulders so you can have fun on your trip. 

RV Rental Insurance Cost

Now that we’ve reviewed the fun destinations, let’s talk costs. RV insurance companies are happy to cater to your budget. RV n Go claims that an insurance premium can cost up to $70 per day depending on the model of RV, coverage, and the company offering the RV rental quotes. As is usual with car insurance, RV rental insurance doesn’t have a set cost limit. Many factors determine your premium. Here are some of them listed for your convenience:

  1. Your driving records
  2. Make and model, age, and size of the RV
  3. State requirements
  4. Your deductibles and limits

    Insurance companies such as GEICO, Allstate, and Nationwide offer competitive coverage for your rental motorhome. RVShare currently offers up to $1 million in liability coverage and up to $300,000 in collision and comprehensive coverage for RVs that are 15 years old. 

    Outdoorsy offers a similar insurance policy with up to $1 million in liabilities and $1 million in physical damage protection. You can also choose from a wide array of endorsements to add to your policy. 


    Is RV Rental Insurance Worth It?

    Of course, flying to your destination may appeal to you more than driving around the country. But what an RV offers in terms of comfort, privacy, and value for money is more than what a quick flight could offer you. Post-pandemic, an RV can be your best bet at avoiding contact with strangers and strange germs.  

    Getting insurance is the first step to making your vacation a great success. RV rental insurance can be tricky to figure out all on your own. Let an insurance agent help. Our insurance directory can help you find an agent today. Don’t sweat the small things… let us help! 

    RV Rental Insurance FAQs

    Can I rely on car insurance to cover my rental RV?

    The risks linked to driving an RV are deadlier and more expensive to compensate than driving a car. Your personal auto policy was designed to cover you in case of accidents on the road on your daily commute and occasional long drives. Would the policy limits be enough to cover the cost of a motorhome repair?  

    Also, your car insurance wouldn’t cover additional living expenses (ALE) should your RV break down. With rental RV insurance, you have the option to add an endorsement to cover any ALE.  

    It’s safer on the highway when you have the proper coverage backing you up. Get rental RV insurance from an expert today. 

    What does rental RV insurance cover?

    Much like RV insurance, rental RV insurance offers bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, collision, and comprehensive coverage, uninsured and underinsured coverage, and medical expenses. However, there are a few additional coverage options available, such as:  

    1. Total Loss Replacement 
    1. Vacation Liability 
    1. Windshield Replacement 
    1. Emergency Expenses 

        Is it mandatory to get RV Rental insurance even if I’m renting it?

        Yes, RV insurance is mandatory even if you’re only renting it. You cannot drive a vehicle of any sort without proper insurance as per state requirements. Just as with a rental car, you will need to insure your rental RV. Every state that requires private passenger car insurance also requires RV insurance. You can purchase an insurance policy through your rental company or purchase one through a third-party provider. 

        What is an insurance binder for an RV rental? Is RV rental insurance easier this way?

        An insurance binder for your rental RV is a single-page document that your insurance company issues before your insurance policy is officially in effect. Since it’s illegal to drive sans proper proof of insurance, a binder comprises important information that allows you to drive without getting in trouble.  

        Only a select number of insurance companies offer insurance binders, so make sure you talk to your insurance agent before deciding on a company.  

        Does RV Rental insurance cover roof leaks?

        Yes, and no. If the damage to your roof was caused due to a fallen object, storms, or collision, then your rental RV insurance will cover the repair costs. However, if you intentionally poked a hole through your roof or a hole was caused due to normal wear and tear, your insurance won’t cover it. 

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