Direct Opportunity

Landing the perfect client is difficult, but landing a new customer who’s seen what you offer in search results and wants to learn more about working with your business? Now that’s a treasure!  

When an insurance buyer lands on Agency Height and selects their required policy and location, they are redirected to the search result page. The search result page lists all the insurance providers near their area. Some people use filters to narrow down their choices.   

A direct opportunity is a customer who searched for an insurance professional, saw your profile, and reached out to you from the search result.   

When insurance seekers land on your profile, they can contact you directly by clicking the “Show Phone Number” button or requesting a quote from you by filling the “Request a Quote” form.   

You can find the direct opportunity under the “Leads” section in your dashboard. Log in now to view them. If you need clarification about how to log in, then check out this article.

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