Manage Location Preference

Insurance seekers use location as the primary way to find an insurance agent on our platform. Therefore, it is crucial to fill out your location details correctly.

Managing your location preference is a simple process.

After you have created your profile in Agency Height, log in to your dashboard. Then, click on the “My Profile” section.

Then go to “Edit my Profile”

Edit Your Location

You will come across your “Business Details” section, scroll down to the location address field to add or edit your location details. Remember, the insured is more likely to discover your profile if your location is an accurate match. Therefore, we recommend adding your full location details, including your street address, for better results.

Just search your location in the search bar, or enter the details into the required fields.

After adding your location detail, click on “Save Changes”

Adding Multiple State Licensed In

Next you will come across the “Credentials” section, make sure you add states you’re licensed to sell. If you sell in more than one state then you have the option to select multiple state.

Reviewing Your Location

You can check your updated and correct location, and highlighted states in your “My Profile” section which will be updated in your public profile.

We hope this article has been helpful. For further queries and assistance, check out our other resources to get answers.

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