Manage Lead Preference

Lead Management is one of Agency Height’s key features. It allows agents to connect with insurance shoppers and manage the lead as they prefer.

From your dashboard, you can easily manage all the leads from your listing. Here’s how it works.

Login to Agency Height

Get started with the lead management process by logging into your dashboard.

If you don’t have an account yet, click ‘Add Your Agency.’ To log in, enter your email and password.
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Agency Height Login Page
Here’s a preview of your dashboard once you log in.


Leads Section

You will be able to view any new leads you receive in the ‘Leads’ notification, as shown below.

By clicking on individual leads, you can view all the full details. New lead requests are labeled as “New”



Review Leads

After you review the lead and request, you can choose the status of the lead, if it’s either ‘Working’  or “Qualified” or ‘Unqualified’

For eg: If you have contacted the lead and you are on the verge of closing the deal then change the status to “Working”

You can contact them via the email or phone number they provided and decide on the status of the lead.

Once you confirm that the lead is qualified to become your customer then change the status to “Qualified”

However, if you decide that the lead is unfit for you then you should change the status to ‘Unqualified’, then the status will automatically update to ‘Unqualified’.

That’s all you need to do!
Now you will be able to easily connect with leads and manage them on the dashboard.
To increase the number of leads you receive, optimize your profile now!
If you still have questions, we suggest checking out some of our other resources for more answers.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you get a lead opportunity?

    Although there’s no guaranteed way to get more leads, insurance agents who have optimized profiles and positive reviews generally see more traffic than those without it. So, make sure that you have added your services information and location.

  • How to respond to lead?

    You will receive an email in your registered address every time there is a new lead. You can also check for new leads in the ‘Leads’ section of your dashboard.

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