How to verify your profile

By verifying your listing, you can earn a verification badge that helps to assure potential insured of your credibility. A verified status means that the Agency Height has confirmed you as a trustworthy agent and endorses your information. An agent with a verified profile looks more credible to potential insureds.

Here are the simple steps to get verified:

Login to Your Dashboard

Go to the Agency Height website and click Agent Login.

Then, enter your email and password to log in to your dashboard. 


Agency Height Login Page

Go to dashboard

When you enter your dashboard, go to My profile on the left side of your screen.

You have to apply for verification by editing your profile credentials which appears on the second page of profile editing.

Note: Click save change on “business details” page to reach the “credentials” page.

Edit profile

Please fill in the required information on the form to verify your listing.

After you submit your form for verification, we will look at it and verify your listing.

Once we verify your account, you will see the verification icon under your name in your listing.


You can also see the verification icon in your profile.

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