How to add or change your banner picture

A banner picture is the larger picture at the top of your Agency Height listing above your profile image. The first thing insurance seekers see when they visit your listing, just like your profile image, is your banner image.  

Log in to Agency Height with your credentials to add or change your banner image.  


Once you’ve logged in, you can see your personalized dashboard. Now, hover on the left side of your screen and click on the My Profile button through the navigation sidebar.


Once you click on My Profile, it will redirect you to your profile page.


Then click on the Edit Profile icon located beside the View Profile button.


Click on Save Changes, and in the fourth step, you’ll be redirected to the Profile Highlights edit page.


Now click on Edit Cover Picture and upload or change your banner picture. Make sure you click Save Changes once you’re done.


Here are some helpful tips on how to select a perfect profile picture for your listing:  

  • Choose a picture that is representative of you and your brand 
  • Make sure the picture is high quality and looks good on all devices 
  • Don’t use too much text on your cover photo 
  • Make sure the photo is sized correctly for social media platforms (Recommended Size: 1,140 pixels by 200 pixels) 
  • Experiment with different cover photos to see what works best for you


And that’s how you add or change your banner image on the Agency Height platform.   


We hope this article has been helpful. For further queries and assistance, check out our other resources to get answers.    


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