How Agency Height Works

Agency Height is an online insurance directory connecting insurance buyers with insurance professionals nearby. An insurance agent can add their listing in just 5 minutes and build their online presence to connect with insurance buyers in their locality.

Apart from an insurance directory, Agency Height has a massive learning and resource center to help insurance professionals and insurance seekers learn about various trends and terms.

This article will explain the two scenarios of how Agency Height works.

The first is from an insurance buyer’s point of view. And the second one is from an insurance professional’s point of view.

Scenario 1: Insurance Buyer's Point of View

Let’s say John is an insurance seeker. He lands on, and he comes across two ways to connect with an insurance professional:

  • Book a free consultation:

    The first way is by filling up a form to book a free consultation with our listed agents.Let’s say, for instance, John needs clarification about what type of insurance policy suits his situation. He can talk to our listed agents and get all the information he needs before making any decisions.

    For more details check out our article on “What is a consultation lead?”.

  • Request a Quote:

    The second way is to choose the type of insurance he is looking for and select from our listed agents.
    If John is clear on what type of insurance policy he is looking for, he will select it and land on our find an agent search page. In the search result, he will have access to multiple agents’ contact information. With that, he can choose an agent that suits his criteria.

    For more information on how a lead requests a quote, read our article on “How to respond to direct opportunities.”

Scenario 2: Insurance Professional's Point of View

When an insurance professional adds their listing on Agency Height, they will land on their dashboard. On their dashboard, they can fill in their details, including:

  • Basic information: Name, email address, phone number, company name, website URL, social media links, location
  • Profile photo: Profile photo, logo, banner image
  • Services: Type of agent, states licensed in, carriers you work with, license ID, NPN, type of insurance license, insurance offerings, hours of operation, affiliation, years of experience.
  • About you: Your motto, profile summary.








It’s crucial that you complete your profile. A detailed, complete profile makes your profile look more credible and trustworthy. When an insurance seeker comes across the search results while looking for insurance agents, your profile can stand out from the rest.

When prospects view your profile, they can request a quote from you by filling out the form. You’ll receive the request notification in the “Manage Leads” section, where you can either accept or decline the lead request.

Apart from your dashboard, you can also get a consultation request notification in your inbox. Make sure you keep an eye out for our emails. A consultation request gives you a greater chance to offer your expert advice and convert the potential lead.

For further queries, we suggest you check out some of our resources for more answers.

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