Getting Lead Opportunity

Insurance buyers looking for insurance agents but have yet to choose one are known as lead opportunities.

There are two ways you can grab a lead opportunity:

1. Direct Leads

Firstly, insurance buyers visit the homepage.


Next, the insurance buyer can select from the policies and should provide their zip code.

After that, insurance buyers will receive a list of agents based on their criteria.

Insurance buyers can view the agent’s profile or instantly obtain a quote after looking through the list of agents.

When an insurance buyer chooses an agent, they click on the “Request a Quote” button and fill in their requirements in detail.


Finally, you’ll receive an email about the lead and a notification about the quote request in your dashboard’s ‘Leads’ section.

2. Consultation Leads

Firstly, an insurance buyer visits the homepage.

Clicks on the Book a free consultation” button and fills the form. 


Next, we email to the insurance agents who meet the criteria.

The first agent to click the “I’m interested” button will get details of the insurance buyers.’

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