Last Updated: April 6, 2022

Pronto Insurance Franchise vs
Renegade Insurance: The Best Choice

TLTR: Pronto Insurance Franchise and Renegade Insurance (formerly Covered by SAGE) are two options for insurance agents to better their careers. Here, we take a look at their target demographics, their offerings, and earning potential to decide which is a better choice for agents.

Established in 1997 and franchising from 2009, Pronto Insurance is one of the older insurance franchises in the US. Unlike franchises like Brightway Insurance, Pronto Insurance is different, because they target the Hispanic community exclusively. On the other hand, Renegade Insurance is a relative newcomer in the industry. Although they do not follow a franchise model, they are rapidly growing due to their innovative tech-led business process.

Let’s look at their similarities, differences, costs, and earning potential to see which one is a better fit for you.

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How are Pronto Insurance Franchise and Renegade Insurance different?

Pronto Insurance, as mentioned above, has been in the industry for over 20 years, and has been franchising for over half that time. They exclusively target the Hispanic community, and were even listed #2 in National Minority Franchise Initiative’s Top 50 Franchises for Minorities list in 2014 according to

On the other hand, Renegade Insurance is a relative newcomer in the industry, with just under half a decade of experience. They are a tech-centric brokerage and operate a pseudo-franchise model without retail requirements or any associated franchise costs. They have been backed by investors that have defined their niches, and their vision is to maximize technological disruption in insurance.


How do Pronto Insurance agents and Renegade Insurance agents make money?

Pronto Insurance agents make money off commissions for each policy they sell. Their commission split is not disclosed and has instead been listed as “competitive.” A look at Pronto Insurance reviews on Indeed shows that pay is one of the biggest complaints of agents working there. However, it has been listed as an excellent place to start your career in insurance and get your foot through the door.

On the other hand, Renegade Insurance offers some of the best economics in the market. Their splits go up to 95/5, depending on the line of business. Agents can also sell beyond P&C insurance, since Renegade Insurance is affiliated to life and health insurance providers too.

How do Pronto Insurance agents and Covered by SAGE agents make money

How much do Pronto Insurance and Renegade Insurance charge you?

Since Pronto Insurance runs on a franchise model, there are various fees and charges involved. The initial franchise fee ranges from $20,000 to $40,000, and total initial investment can range from $52,925 to $120,950. Since they are a franchise, there are also various training, tech, and marketing fees that they charge from time to time. They do offer a 25% discount on the franchise fee for veterans though.

Pronto Insurance also has a retail requirement, so regular upkeep of your storefront and hiring staff will add to your costs. A look at Pronto Insurance reviews online shows that although employees are happy with the experience they get, they are not happy with the finances.

On the other hand, Renegade Insurance has one of the lowest financial barriers of entry into the market. They only charge their agents a $100 monthly service charge, and nothing else. They also do not have a retail requirement, so agents can run their agencies from the comfort of their homes.

What is the market potential for Pronto Insurance and Renegade Insurance?

Pronto Insurance franchise focuses on a very niche market, that is, the Hispanic community. Since their target is limited, so is their marketing scope. Their list of carriers is undisclosed as well, and they only offer their agents P&C options to sell to clients. Their presence is also limited to Florida, California, and Texas, the three states with the largest Hispanic population in the US.

On the other hand, Renegade Insurance offers access to over 100 national and regional insurance carriers, including life and health carriers. Agents have a larger market to choose from, and the target market for agents is not set; agents are free to sell to whomever they want to.

What is the market potential for Pronto Insurance and Covered by SAGE

What is the better choice? Renegade Insurance or Pronto Insurance?

Pronto Insurance franchise has made a name in the Hispanic American community, providing insurance solutions to that particular demographic. However, their franchise opportunities have a high barrier of entry, and although the franchise as lauded as a springboard for a career in insurance, Pronto Insurance reviews shows that pay is a big problem for many agents.

Renegade Insurance has a much lower barrier of entry, and a much wider market reach. Their success is tied closely to the success of their agents, hence they try their best to uplift their agents. There is also no franchise fees, retail requirements or hidden costs. Looking at these factors, Renegade Insurance emerges as the clear winner between the two.

Pronto Insurance Renegade Insurance
High Franchise Fee Yes No
Retail space required Yes No
Agents can sell life and health policies No Yes
Agents can sell personal policies Yes Yes
Agents can sell commercial policies Yes Yes
Monthly technology fees Yes No
Variable on-demand fees Yes No
Proprietary technology agents can use for free No Yes
Restrictions and fees on buyouts Yes No
Buyouts at multiple value of the book of business No Yes

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