Last Updated: January 9, 2023

Platform That Can Predict Your Dog’s Medical Future Developed 


                                                           Should you Still Insure your Pet? 

According to the pet insurance provider Fetch by The Dodo, a database of dog diseases has been developed. This database will help dog owners determine what illnesses their pet is susceptible to and hence take precautions.  

Dog owners can input the breed, age, and zip code where the dog resides in a link on the Fetch by The Dodo website and get an in-depth health assessment on their dog.  

In the 16 years that Fetch by The Dodo, formerly Petplan has been processing medical claims, over 725,000 dogs have provided 150 million clinical data points for the report. Following The Dodo’s acquisition of a minority investment, the business was renamed Fetch by The Dodo, a media outlet focusing on pets.  

By serving as a resource for knowledge and guidance and an insurer, Fetch by The Dodo hopes to win over millennial and Generation Z pet parents with its health report offer.  

Paul Guyardo, President and CEO of Fetch by The Dodo, says, “When it comes to insurance, and when it comes to pet health and wellness, they want more than just peace of mind. They want information, they want advice, they want tangible facts on how to keep their pet healthy and how to prevent the pet from getting sick in the first place.”  

Guyardo calls the report, which will be available for free starting later this year, “a pet health report on steroids.”  

According to him, “the report provides predictions of the illnesses your pet is most pre-disposed to, and more importantly it provides preventative tips and advice to ensure that either the pet doesn’t get the illness at all, or that the impact of the illness is mitigated.”  

The free health report is the first service provided by the predictive health platform that Fetch has been developing. The company slowly intends to expand to other applications too.  

Suddenly worried about your dog’s health?   

We love our pets more than anything and want them to be healthy forever. If this news got you excited about the new technology and, at the same time, worried about your pets, it’s best to get Pet Insurance!  

Pet insurance is coverage that covers your pet’s medical bills. Having this coverage can protect your finances in the event of an unexpected accident or illness. However, the process of getting insurance can sometimes be overwhelming. If you have any confusion about pet insurance, dog insurance, dog insurance average cost, and other aspects of the coverage, talk to an insurance agent for professional guidance.   

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