Last Updated: June 10, 2022

How Important Is A Personal Articles Floater?

What is Personal Articles Floater?

Personal articles floater can be an endorsement on your standard homeowner’s policy or a separate policy, that extends policy limits to fully cover your valuables such as jewelry, arts, furs, cameras, collections, etc.

Young Alfred adds that personal articles floaters serve as additional coverage to the standard homeowners insurance, and works to increase the coverage amounts for individual personal belongings. 


Do you need a Personal Articles Floater Insurance?

You need this policy if you:

  • Have valuables like coin collections, fine arts, jewelry, etc.
  • Want to be financially adept to make replacements in the event of loss of your valuables.

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Why Personal Articles Floater?

  • Homeowners insurance, dwelling, renters insurance, or condo insurance policies do not cover all your personal properties.
  • Your valuables have limits on coverages, which means you will be underinsured.
  • Typically, standard policies will only cover your valuables from named perils.

What are the Coverages?

  • Reimbursement for replacement cost 
  • Single items coverage  
  • Scheduled or blanket coverage  
  • Coverage against theft or accidental losses  
  • Coverage in virtually any location 

Things To Consider Before You Buy

  • Decide what you want to insure
  • Save bills and receipts of purchase of the valuables
  • Gather information regarding your valuables.
  • Reach out to an insurance expert for advice.

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