Do Your Valuable Items Actually Require Personal Articles Floater Insurance?

TLTR: This article discusses insuring expensive personal articles—and demonstrates how your personal belongings reflect who you areIt also reflects what all items are covered in personal articles floater insurance policies. 

Ownership of a valuable item can have meaning on several different levels. It can have deep sentimental value, such as a pocket watch once owned by your great grandfather. Or it can have cultural significance, like a valuable painting by an acclaimed artist. While it may not be unusual for someone to own an item or two they hold very dear, having a personal article floater policy isn’t commensurately as common.

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What Is Personal Articles Floater Insurance?

A personal articles floater insurance is an additional policy that is usually added to your homeowners insurance.  It is also sometimes covered in renters insurance or umbrella insurance policies. Basically, this policy increases the coverage amount for precious belongings. It’s highly advisable to get this policy if you own high-value items. According to a report by Statista, precious goods worth $1.06 billion were stolen in the U.S. in 2019. Standard homeowner’s insurance will typically cover half of all your personal property. While that might sound sufficient, imagine losing an expensive watch worth $10,000. Your standard homeowner’s insurance will only cover it for about $1000-$2000. But a personal articles floater will cover about 80% of the actual worth of this valuable item.
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What Does a Personal Articles Floater Cover?

As the name implies, a personal articles floater insurance just covers items that have personal use. The types of items covered include:
  • Jewelry
  • Fine Art
  • Furs
  • Cameras
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Silverware
  • Postage Stamps
  • Rare Coins and Collections
  • Electronic Devices
  • Wine
  • Golf Equipment
  • Firearms
  • Bicycles
  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Miscellaneous items which are valuable but can’t be categorized
And now the fun part. Let’s look at how your valued personal items shed light on who you are.
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Exercise Equipment

If you own a pedometer, a Fitbit, a treadmill, or limited-edition running shoes, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, for you, staying active is a must. But it has to be with style, and probably with the latest technology, as well.  

As dedicated to exercise as you may be, it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated. And it’s easy to get annoyed by even minor inconveniences. For example, if your wireless Bluetooth earpiece craps out on you, you’re very likely to have a bad morning. Make sure you have your gadgets and equipment insured with a personal articles floater insurance. 


If you own more silverware than utensils that you use daily, you’re someone who probably likes to stay connected to your roots. You definitely have a deep connection to the past and the finer things in life.  

Designer Bedsheets

Owning designer bedsheets betrays a sensitive, sensual nature. Comfort isn’t enough—you need for things to be pleasing to the eye, as well. That often comes with a high price-tag attached, so why not take the extra step and get that personal articles floater insurance today? 

Collectible Books

You’re a thinker—perhaps an intellectual. You value books not just for what they say but as objects of beauty in themselves. You are someone who cherishes all things vintage.  

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Rare Collectibles

You are someone who really enjoys traveling. You probably saw the Indiana Jones movies very early in life and are now on a mission to collect all the valuable things you come across. Well, as many as you can, at least. We wouldn’t be surprised if you had a whole room of extremely rare items in your home. We just hope that you have insured them with a personal articles floater policy.   

Vintage Camera and Mirrors

You love looking at pretty things, including your reflection in the mirror. There’s a certain sense of pride in you regarding your physical appearance. You are also generous and fiercely protective of your loved ones.   

You could accurately be described as luxury-loving. Besides the vintage camera and mirrors, we are sure you also have big beautiful rugs and furs at home.  

valuable personal articles floater insurance

Collector’s Art

There are high levels of creativity as well empathy in you. You see the value in art not just because of its intrinsic beauty, but also because you can almost see through the eyes of the artist. You understand why they were motivated to create. Because of all this, you tend to get emotional whenever you look at a really good piece of art.   

In Conclusion about Personal Articles Floater

According to Forbes, before getting the personal articles floater policy included in your homeowners coverage, you should get your valuables appraised. Regardless of what you collect or own, we hope you have your valuables insured by using a personal articles floater insurance. Do you think we were able to describe your personality accurately? What is your most cherished possession? Tell us in the comments below! Check out our agent directory to find the perfect insurance agent for covering your valuables today!
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