Last Updated: January 9, 2023

OBRIEN joins the Pool of Socotra’s New Online Marketplace Apps

OBRIEN Insurance Solutions joins Socotra, which provides insurers with modern software apps. The insurance company seeks to deliver speed-to-market and agility to the insurance industry. It delivers outsourced policyholder communications to insurance carriers including print and mail, EBPP solutions, check printing, lockbox services, and inbound digital mailrooms. 

On 12th September 2022, the modern core platform provider announced that Socotra App Marketplace offering 30 app publishers is finally available to Socotra customers. The list includes app publishers like Agnee, Betterview, Earnix, Edperian, Gradient AI, Nuon, Snapsheet and Unquork among many.  

Built on Socotra’s cloud-native and API- driven platform, the App Marketplace enables insurers to instantly connect with a wide range of apps that enhance every aspect of the insurance value chain and add new features and services in minutes.  

As insurance industry is getting more competitive day by day, insurtech is garnering popularity now more than ever. With the introduction of technology in insurance, insurance companies now have digital tools to tackle new- age problems with new-age solutions.  

According to Dan Woods, founder and CEO of Socotra: 

“Socotra App MarketPlace is an industry breakthrough. Insurers can finally connect multiple platforms just by clicking to install apps, and it works—instantly. This means faster product launches and lower maintenance costs. Today marks the very beginning of the rapid-connection age in insurance IT.” 

Joanna Raitano, Head of Stripe Partner Ecosystem, Americas states today’s consumers expect their purchase to be digital and painless and built around them. 

“Stripe joining Socotra App Marketplace means more carriers have access to financial tools that save time, boost payment conversion, and give customers flexibility to pay online. We’re thrilled to be working alongside dozens of partners that are helping the insurance industry succeed in the internet economy.” 

Last month, Socotra announced the first set of app publishers which included CAPE Analytics, Coherent, DataArt, Fenris Digital, Five Sigma, Fize, Fulcrum Digital, Geosite, GhostDraft, One Inc, Tranzpay, and Verisk. 

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