New Insurance Agent: 7 Fantastic Tips For Guaranteed Sucess

TLTR: This article offers some tips for new insurance agents to kickstart their careers.  

According to AGA, the total estimated cost to become a new insurance agent is $625. That’s a pretty small investment considering you stand to make up to $65,000 annually as a successful independent insurance agent.

Here are some expert-generated tips for you, as a new insurance agent:

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New Insurance Agent Tip: Work As a Captive Agent First

Working as a captive agent is an excellent way to get your feet wet in the industry. You can gain relevant knowledge as well as experience. And you’ll be mentored by experienced agents. As a new insurance agent, you may want to start as an independent immediately, but working as a captive will help you in the long run. 

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Get to Know Industry Jargon

So, to know the job, you have to know the terminology. Before you take the required classes to get licensed, it’s a good idea to take some time to familiarize yourself with terms such as upselling and cross selling. The sooner the lingo becomes second nature to you, the sooner you’ll feel confident and project a sense of expertise with clients.

Referrals Are Your Friends As A New Insurance Agent

Forbes states that referrals are one of the best marketing strategies. Even the most established agents ask their existing clients for referrals. As a new insurance agent, having referrals can help you kickstart your career in the industry.   


Find Your Niche

As a new insurance agent, you may want to sell different types of policies. It’s best to avoid that. If you stick with a particular policy type it will be much easier to develop a level of expertise. This will pay off in both the confidence you’ll feel as a sales person and the quality of the assistance you’ll be able to give to customers.

For example, if you choose to sell auto insurance, you might reasonably branch out into boat insurance rather than life insurance.

Accepting Rejection Can Be Difficult For A New Insurance Agent

Persistence is a great trait for an insurance agent. However, when selling insurance policies, you are likely to hear many “nos.” The main reason for such constant rejection is: a) insurance is a grudge purchase, and b) most people already have the policies they need.

Don’t take rejection personally, especially when you’re a new insurance agent.

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Clear Communication

As a new insurance agent, you’ll have to use various modes of communication to reach your prospects. You may have to write e-mails, text messages, and even scripts for phone calls. As antiquated as it may seem in this digital age, you may even have to meet them face to face. To appear confident and to sell better, you should find the means of communication that works best for you.   

One good way to be a better communicator is by listening to your client’s needs. Secondly, proofread all written forms of communication before you send them out. Lastly, practice your sales pitch with your colleagues before you try it out on a client.   

Get Verified

Clients prefer a verified agent as a new insurance agent, but it might not be easy to get verified. A good solution is to add your listing to our agent directory. This will help you:

  • Strengthen your online presence
  • Get verified
  • Get recommendations

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