Last Updated: January 9, 2023

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Marketing for Insurance 101: Boost Your Insurance Business

 Marketing for insurance can be a tricky affair, especially if you’re just starting out in the industry. It doesn’t help that given the current state of competition in the market, just one serious slip-up can be enough to cost you both your clients and your reputation.

So, what exactly is the right way to market insurance to the general public? And what insurance marketing strategies can you incorporate to stand out among your contemporaries?

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Insurance Marketing Strategies for Agents

The ultimate goal for any business is to be profitable. But, as they say, you have to spend money to make money. Here are seven effective strategies that can help you succeed: 

Insurance Marketing Tip #1: Embody a Professional Aesthetic 

When it comes to sales and marketing, your appearance will significantly influence your customer’s behavior and, ultimately their purchase decision. It can be just as important as your skillset and experience. Simply looking the part is vital if you want customers to even begin to take you seriously. 

Invest in a good suit/dress, shoes. A little perfume or cologne is nice, too (but don’t overdo it). Make sure your hair is neat and fix your tie before you set off on a meeting with your prospects or clients. Remember, a professional appearance conveys success.

Insurance Marketing Tip #2: Empathize with Your Customers

Good salespeople know that their ability to relate with their customers is extremely important. This is echoed by a Harvard Business Review study which shows that one of the most essential qualities that makes a good salesperson is empathy.  

Finding common ground with your customers is a great first step to taking the conversation forward. As an agent selling insurance, you might go so far as to take into consideration which generation your client falls under and engage with them accordingly. 

Trying to establish proper relations by talking about Bella Poarch’s TikTok video with a customer who belongs to the baby boomer generation will most likely not yield a sale. Instead, talk about their families, their pets, their favorite sports team, and other similar topics. Once you feel like you’ve empathized with them, smoothly bring in the topic of insurance and how they can benefit from it.          

Insurance Marketing Tip #3: Learn from Your Co-workers 

You’d be surprised how much you can gain by paying attention to your peers and contemporaries. A fellow agent might have some valuable insight into a specific topic that you were interested in and wanted to explore. Another agent might have years, if not decades of experience in dealing with a niche market.  

Be open-minded and make an effort to learn from the people you work with. And make an effort to broaden your professional network. It will definitely help you grow as a professional in your field.   

Insurance Marketing Tip #4: Avoid Industry Jargon  

Remember that the vast majority of your clients will not be familiar with the insurance field. So, try to keep your use of industry jargon to a bare minimum. When you’re dealing with your clients, make it a point to step back and think about what the process of buying insurance is like. 

Ask yourself, would you as a client want to work with an agent who speaks in a puzzling lingo? How can I make this simpler? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and be the agent that you’d like to work with.    

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Insurance Marketing Tip #5: Encourage Positive Online Reviews  

When people choose to get insurance for themselves, their property, or even their pets, one of the first things they do once they’ve come across your business is to read your customer reviews. Reviews are the easiest form of information that your clients can obtain. Much of their decision towards approaching you is based on whether or not you and your business has received positive reviews online.  

According to ResearchGate, there is a very strong correlation between positive reviews and the likelihood of a customer making a purchase. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to ask your clients to give you a review if they’re happy with you. Make this as easy as possible for your customers by attaching a link to a review site on your agency’s profile in your emails below your digital signature.  

Make it a point to regularly read the reviews people leave and respond to both the positive and negative ones.  This will show that you’re actively working on bettering yourself and your services. (And be sure to be polite when responding to negative comments, which are inevitable. You can’t please absolutely everyone no matter how hard you try.) 

Insurance Marketing Tip #6: Conduct Customer Surveys 

Perhaps the best way to understand the needs of your clients is by conducting customer surveys. Develop brief questionnaires that you can ask your clients to fill out in your office or through emails. Make sure to ask for open-ended testimonials that explain how you can improve your services.  

People are often disinclined to fill out surveys, so you might offer small incentives like gift cards.     

Insurance Marketing Tip #7: Cross-Sell to Existing Customers 

If you sell multiple insurance policies, then cross-selling can be a great way to increase your sales. For example, if you have sold a car insurance policy to one of your clients, they might also be interested in getting homeowners insurance. 

You can make it even more enticing by offering bundled insurance and discounts to clients who might qualify for the offering.

Exploring Insurance Digital Marketing 

There’s no denying that face-to-face interactions still have an important role to play when it comes to insurance marketing. However, the strides that online marketing has made over the past few decades cannot be ignored.  

It has quickly managed to go from an alternative marketing option to the go-to medium of generating prospective clients. So, as an insurance agent in 2023, it’s high time for you to make your presence known in the digital marketplace if you haven’t already.  

Here are a few effective ways to get the upper hand in marketing insurance online: 

Build a Dynamic Website

Your prospects will use the internet to look for insurance-related services. If they come across your website, you need to make sure that it’s laid out so that the visitor can effortlessly navigate it and get the information they need.  

According to a study on ResearchGate, how a website is designed not only influences customer trust, but also influences their purchase intention. As an insurance agent, your website should, at the bare minimum, provide visitors with free online quote forms and premium calculators. 

Besides keeping your prospects on your page longer, it also helps foster a sense of trust and familiarity between them and your business. 

Building a truly dynamic website can be very time-consuming and can take a lot of effort. So, hiring a professional web designer can help lessen some of the stress.    

SEO is Key

Sheer will and unbridled effort are simply not enough to develop your digital presence online. You could trumpet your knowledge and experience through blogs and articles every day, but you’ll see no growth unless you optimize your website to cater to the search engine algorithm of your choosing. 

This is where keyword analysis tools like MangoolsSurfer SEO, and Semrush come into play. These digital tools can help you figure out what areas of a specific niche have the potential for you to capitalize on. With the proper implementation of these tools, you can see your business reach new heights.      

Drive Traffic to Your Website

You could spend a lot of time and money to build the perfect website. While optimizing your website is an excellent way for you to attract new customers, one of the best techniques to attract clients is social media insurance marketing 

Start by creating social media accounts on the top social media platforms –Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. But don’t ignore the less conventional platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, and Discord. They can also help bring in niche prospects. Try to leave no online stone unturned.  

You can also ask your satisfied customers to share links to your website through their social media accounts. You’d be surprised how willing many will be to help you.   

Advertise Online

You can create a business page and amass hundreds, if not thousands of followers. But did you know that your posts will only reach a small percentage of them?      

Thankfully, most social media platforms offer a specific service that allows you to cover the gap and even advertise your business to a much wider base who might not even have heard of you or your business. While it comes at a cost, boosting your ads can significantly increase your range and visibility.  

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also made it very easy for businesses to access the features through their proprietary business platforms. And if you’re not happy with it, you can opt out of the service any time you want.     

Join an Insurance Agency

While taking matters into your own hands is a valid option, one of the best ways to mitigate stress, effort and expenses is by joining an insurance agency. A good insurance agency will handle most of your marketing and administrative needs.  

As professionals in the field, agencies will provide insurance marketing services on your behalf. They allow their agents to focus solely on sales and grow the value of their book of business. As insurance agencies also need to keep themselves at the forefront of insurance technology, agents can usually rest assured that their administrative needs are catered to adequately.  

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What are the Advantages of Digital Insurance Marketing?

Despite digital marketing being a relatively new phenomena, its advantages over traditional marketing techniques are considerable. Some of the top advantages include:  

Efficient Brand Development

Digital marketing allows insurance businesses to build their brand and reputation. According to Statista, as of the second quarter of 2022, there were 2.93 billion users on Facebook. The proper implementation and execution of digital marketing can help businesses reach prospects and convert them into genuine leads. 

An insurance company can build a brand by creating a well-developed website that posts quality content on a regular basis, and a social media channel that generates high engagement.    

Saves Cost

Businesses usually need to spend a large portion of their budget on marketing. While larger businesses should have no issue with compartmentalizing millions of dollars in marketing, smaller businesses might find it impossible to do so.  

Digital marketing makes it amazingly easy for insurance agents and agencies to spend the bare minimum on advertising. It has become a valid alternative to traditional techniques.   

Ease of Measuring Performance

Compared to traditional marketing techniques, the success or failure of digital marketing can be easily calculated and measured. Where businesses in the past had to wait weeks, if not months, to know whether their campaign was successful or not, with modern digital marketing you can get accurate data almost immediately.  

Various digital marketing tools now allow you to ethically track the emails you send and know how many were opened and read. Tools like Google AdWords allow businesses to monitor the performance of their advertisements on the Google search engine. Digital marketing allows you to accurately measure how your advertising campaigns are performing. 

Ease of Adjusting Campaigns

Besides allowing businesses to accurately source performance data, digital tracking techniques also allow businesses to easily adjust their outreach spending. For campaigns that are performing well, more funds can be invested to bring in even more leads. Similarly, for campaigns that aren’t satisfactorily delivering, the financing can be adjusted or stopped altogether with a few clicks.    

What Are Some of The Top Insurance Marketing Agencies in 2023?

Agency Vista listed 4 of the top insurance marketing agencies of 2023. The top 5 companies are as follows:

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