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Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. It also has a good job market and affordable housing rates. However, along with all these perks, the city also carries many risks. For instance, mostly due to the high population density, the roads of city are full of risk for car and other heavy vehicle drivers. It is essential to understand about requirements for car insurance Philadelphia. By searching for auto insurance agents near me you can easily get the list of car insurance agents in Philadelphia.

Therefore, proper insurance is essential to stay covered at all times in Pennsylvania.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average cost of car insurance in Philadelphia?

    The average cost of car insurance in Philadelphia is $1217 annually for minimum coverage. If you are a car driver in Philadelphia, you can expect to pay more for full coverage.


  • Why is car insurance expensive in Philadelphia?

    Car insurance premiums are higher in Philadelphia because the city lies in Pennsylvania, which is a no-fault state. Also, the city’s population density is high, which is considered a risk factor by insurance providers.


  • What kind of business insurance coverage is mandatory in Philadelphia?

    Pennsylvania has made it mandatory for businesses to get workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance for all business vehicles. Hence, businesses operating in Philadelphia must compulsorily involve this coverage in their policy.


  • What is the average life insurance cost in Philadelphia?

    Philadelphians have to pay $658 annually or $55 monthly for life insurance. The premiums can increase or decrease based on different factors like the type of policy, age, gender, health condition, and more. Hence, consulting with insurance agents in Philadelphia is the best way to get an accurate estimate.


  • Is home insurance expensive in Philadelphia?

    While home insurance premiums generally tend to be on the lower side in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia has comparatively higher rates. The average cost of home insurance in Philadelphia is $1132 for 250k in dwelling coverage.


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