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Pennsylvania is home to 1.1 million small businesses. Businesses are susceptible to risks like the repercussions of natural disasters and human errors, which could have a crippling effect. Needless to say, being prepared for any event is imperative in a competitive market.

For instance, if your business ends up in a courtroom over a lawsuit, it could mean curtains for your enterprise in the worst-case scenario. Hence, getting the right business insurance is the best safety net that you can get to protect your business and stay covered during the worst times.

So, get started by finding top business insurance agents in Pennsylvania and take your business to new heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of business insurance does Pennsylvania require?

    In Pennsylvania, all firms are required to carry workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. Businesses must also obtain commercial auto insurance if their employees use corporate vehicles.


  • How much business insurance do I require?

    The size and scale of your business will determine how much insurance you require. If your company is small, you might need to carry a minimum level of coverage. However, if you operate a large business you might need to buy a more comprehensive policy. Consult an insurance professional to assess the appropriate level of protection for your business.


  • Is commercial auto insurance mandatory in Pennsylvania?

    Yes, commercial auto insurance is mandatory by law for the vehicles that are used for business operations.


  • What types of insurance policies should a small business owner in Pennsylvania consider?

    Small business owners in Pennsylvania must consider 8 types of policies to protect their enterprise. They are:

    • General liability insurance
    • Professional liability insurance
    • Commercial auto insurance
    • Property insurance
    • Business income insurance
    • Commercial umbrella insurance
    • Workers’ compensation insurance, and
    • Data breach insurance
  • If I operate a home-based business in Pennsylvania, do I require business insurance?

    Yes, regardless of their size or location, all firms must have some kind of commercial insurance. Businesses running from homes are not an exception.

  • What would happen in Pennsylvania if I didn't have company insurance?

    You could face severe fines and penalties without the appropriate insurance. You can even lose your company license in some circumstances. When it comes to commercial insurance, it is always better safe than sorry.


  • Which are the top small business insurance companies in Pennsylvania?

    The top small business insurance companies in Pennsylvania for 2022 are Hortica Insurance, National General Insurance, Nationwide, Farmers, Amica, State Farm, Erie, and Allstate.


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