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Orion Township is a charter community in Oakland County, Michigan. The 36-square-mile It is home to some of Michigan’s premier lakes, parks, schools, and communities. If you live here and you wanting to get a reliable insurance our insurance agents in Orion Township will help you get the best insurance policy.

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  • What is the average cost of homeowners insurance in Orion Township?

    Orion Township homeowners pay an average of $1,292 a year for a $250,000 dwelling.

  • How do I choose a home insurance company in Orion Township?

    When you select an insurance company to purchase an insurance policy consider a company that provides coverage for your area. You should also consider a company that offers competitive prices, discounts and has a good financial position.

  • What insurance is required by law in Orion Township?

    Law requires that you have a no-fault insurance on your vehicle. This compulsory insurance pays for personal injury in an accident or if your vehicle causes damage to someone else’s property.

  • How much does car insurance cost in Orion Township?

    An auto driver in Orion Township pays an average of $3,987 in car insurance per year.

  • How much home insurance do I need in Orion Township?

    The amount of homeowners insurance you require depends upon the value of your home and the protection that you need. Standard home insurance policies offer personal liability coverage of $100,000.

  • What type of insurance is best for a small business in Orion Township?

    Most businesses need small business liability insurance. However, there are different types of liability insurance for small businesses.

  • Which is the most trusted life insurance company in Orion Township?

    The most trusted insurance company in Orion Township for life insurance is Guardian Life.

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