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Grand Rapids, the city home to many landmarks and attractions such as Meyer May House, Cathedral of Saint Andrew, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Horse, makes it a great place to live in. However, Grand Rapids also has its share of dangers.
The city is home to a high crime rate and has a high number of uninsured drivers. This makes it important to have insurance when living in Grand Rapids. Without insurance, you could be at risk for financial ruin if something happens to you or your property.

Grand Rapids also experiences very cold winters and severe thunderstorms in the summer. It is critical to have insurance that covers you and your belongings in case of weather-related damage.

Additionally, the cost of living in Grand Rapids is high, which makes it all the more important to secure your finances with insurance. Without it, you could find yourself struggling to make ends meet. Contact a local insurance agent to secure you and the ones you love to enjoy the beauty of living in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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  • What is the average cost of car insurance in Grand Rapids?

    Grand Rapids drivers pay an average of $2,686 annually for auto insurance.

  • Which Grand Rapids insurance companies offer the most affordable rates?

    USAA offers the lowest rate in Grand Rapids, with an average annual cost of $495. However, you can only get USAA insurance if you’ve been in the military or your spouse or parent already had one of their policies. Other popular insurance companies that offer low auto insurance rates in Grand Rapids are Progressive, Frankenmuth Insurance, Auto-Owners, Hanover, and State Farm.

  • How much does homeowners' insurance cost in Grand Rapids?

    The average homeowners’ insurance cost is $1,219 a year for $250,000 dwelling coverage in Grand Rapids.

  • Does my homeowners policy provide coverage for my tenants in Grand Rapids?

    No, your policy covers your liabilities, your property, and the building (the basement). However, your policy does not cover the tenants’ belongings or liability. As a result, they might choose to buy their own renters insurance. You should check with your agent to ensure you have the coverage you require, whether you are a leaser or a renter.

  • Does homeowners insurance cover termite damages?

    Unfortunately, your homeowners insurance often covers neither termite damage nor any other rodent or pest infestations that could happen. Termites and other pest problems are viewed as maintenance problems that can be avoided by taking the necessary safeguards.

    To understand what is and isn’t covered by your homeowners insurance policy, it is always best to review it carefully. Book a free consultation with one of our expert insurance agents to find out more about homeowners insurance coverage or to request a quotation.

  • Are my inventory and business property covered if I work from home?

    Within certain bounds, yes. Inventory and business property are both considered personal property used in a business. Consider whether the personal property restrictions are adequate if you’ve invested a lot in equipment (woodworking tools, for instance) and occasionally sell decoys.

    Also, remember that your homeowners insurance does not cover business liability as part of your personal liability protection. Speak to a local insurance agent to discuss your business insurance needs.

  • How much does renters insurance cost in Grand Rapids, MI?

    Most policyholders in Lansing pay $20 to $25 per month for renters’ insurance. Your location and the kinds of add-ons you need for your basic insurance will largely determine your premium.

  • Can housemates share their renter's insurance?

    Yes, technically. Your renters insurance coverage can allow you to include a roommate in it. However, you’ll effectively double (or more) the number of items that are insured, which could result in you using up your coverage limits more quickly. Additionally, if you or your roommate moves out, you’ll need to sort out your policies, which can be difficult if you don’t part ways amicably.

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