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Stan P Cox


Stan P Cox

We specialize in Finance Strategies to DOUBLE the Power of your MONEY, REDUCE TAX Liability, Pay Off Debt Faster and create PEACE of MIND.When I learned about the Infinite Banking Concept, and started putting it into practice, I KNEW I had to help as many people learn this strategy as I could! My wife and I are absolutely passionate about teaching this and coaching people in using it! IMAGINE... You have the Power to finance everything you buy - withOUT losing money to Interest and Fees, and withOUT having to qualify for a loan, or begging a bank to loan you the money.IMAGINE... You having the Peace of Mind that comes from having a liquid Savings account that would give you GAINS comparable to an Investment account, providing Tax FREE Retirement income, and building generational wealth but withOUT any Risk of loss!IMAGINE... That savings account Growing TAX FREE. And you can use the money withOUT interrupting its Growth!Do YOU want to protect your assets. Tired of losing your Retirement Savings?. Want a Safe Guaranteed way to grow YOUR wealth?As a Finance Strategist I educate my clients on the advantages of Self Financing with the use of the Tax Free Cash Growth Warehouse Strategy, tax advantaged "Sweep" accounts. This saves them thousands and thousands of dollars in financing costs resulting in up to 30% and more in Positive Annual Cash Flow. With these strategies your money grows Guaranteed, Safely and Tax-Free. And that money is accessible tax-free and without penalties so you can become Self-Financing saving tons of money in finance charges. And I do not charge fees for my services! I help professionals and business owners to lower their tax liability, generate tax-free wealth growth and future tax-free passive income. Family financial security and lifestyle protection is a major concern. So I help my clients implement programs that assure continuance of financial security and lifestyle. I welcome your phone calls and emails.Specialties:Finance StrategiesInfinite BankingTax-Free Wealth GrowthAsset ProtectionCollege FundingRetirement IncomeLife InsuranceAnnuitiesLifetime Income strategiesLong Term CareI am happy to review your current insurance policies, goals and needs, then advise on providers and products that can benefit you the most. I do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advise. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions.

  • insurance-img Credit, Supplemental, Burial and Funeral, Universal Life, Term Life, Mortgage, Whole Life, Variable Life, Survivorship
  • location-img Aiea, HI 96701
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Hawaii lies in the Western part of USA and is home to over 1.44 million people. Nicknamed “The Aloha State”, Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, relaxing lifestyle, and food. While Hawaii is a great place to call home, its residents should be wary of natural perils and day-to-day risks like flash floods, hurricanes, tsunamis. Hence, insurance is essential for everyone in Hawaii to protect their prized assets, including businesses.

Hawaii has over 910 licensed insurance agents. If you are searching for the right coverage, you can connect with our local insurance agents in Hawaii to get tailored policies designed to meet your needs and budget. Our local insurance agents in Hawaii will help you determine the best type of coverage by comparing quotes from multiple carriers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average home insurance cost in Hawaii?

    The average cost of home insurance in Hawaii is $382.

  • How much does car insurance cost in Hawaii?

    On average, car insurance costs $1275 in Hawaii. We recommend that you consult with local insurance agents in Hawaii to get an accurate estimate for your requirements.

  • Which are the best insurance companies in Hawaii?

    The best insurance companies in Hawaii are Allstate, State Farm, Aflac, Ocean Harbor Insurance Group and Geico.

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