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Over 1.7 million individuals, or 43.1% of the workforce in Georgia, are employed by the state’s 1.1 million small companies. Most of these small firms require workers’ compensation insurance to protect both their operations and their workforce. With workers’ comp insurance, small businesses may have less liability as a result of work-related accidents or illnesses. Georgia law also mandates workers’ comp insurance for businesses with three or more employees. 

As a Georgia business owner, you are accountable for obtaining workers’ compensation insurance. If you’d like to know more, you can connect with a local insurance broker near you.  

The amount your business needs will vary depending on how many employees you have. If your company doesn’t offer workers’ compensation, you may: 

  • Be liable for an injury or illness that takes place on the job 
  • Face penalties that can be either civil or criminal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is workers’ comp insurance in Georgia?

In Georgia, the estimated employer rate for workers’ compensation is $1.01 for every $100 of covered payroll. 

Is workers’ comp insurance required in Georgia?

Georgia law mandates workers’ compensation insurance for any company employing three or more people, even regular part-timers. 

Who is exempt from workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia?

Employees of the company include corporate officers and participants in limited liability companies. By submitting a Form WC-10 to their insurance company, any officer or member of a limited liability business (up to five people) may opt out of coverage.

How long does workers’ comp last in Georgia?

You might be eligible to receive salary benefits for up to 400 weeks, depending on the details of your employment injury. A worker may occasionally be able to return to work, but with less hours. 

Do independent contractors need workers’ comp in Georgia?

Unfortunately, independent contractors are not covered by workers’ compensation under Georgia law. An employer is not required by law to offer workers’ compensation, although they may choose to do so in extremely unusual circumstances. The only people who qualify for coverage are those who work for an organization that has three or more permanent employees. 

How is workers’ comp calculated in Georgia?

Up to the state’s maximum allowance, you get two-thirds of your average weekly earnings. Your average weekly salary is the same as your average weekly salary for the 13 weeks prior to your injury. For injuries sustained on or after July 1, 2016, you are eligible for up to $575 per week. 

What is the highest workers’ comp settlement in Georgia?

At two-thirds of your typical weekly wage, you will receive weekly benefits. The maximum weekly payment you can get is $675.Although the majority of workers don’t get these benefits for that long, you could get them for up to 400 weeks. 

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Popular Workers Comp Insurance Coverages in the State

Standard Coverage

  • General liability insurance 

Recommended Coverage

  • Georgia business owner’s policy 
  • Professional liability insurance 

Optional Coverage

  • Employment practices liability 

Workers Comp Insurance Cost in Georgia 

The average cost of a workers’ compensation premium in Georgia is $1.64, which is premium index rate. That means that if you had three employees with a total payroll of $100,000, you’d pay around $1,640 per year for workers’ compensation.  

However, it’s important to bear in mind that the premium index rate is an average. Costs could be significantly higher or lower depending on the specific industry. Georgia has relatively high workers’ comp rates compared to national averages. Your premium is based on a number of factors, including: 

  • Payroll 
  • Location 
  • Number of employees 
  • Industry and risk factors 
  • Coverage limits 
  • Claims history 

Annual Workers’ Comp Cost Per Employee 

Industry  Lower Cost  Upper Cost 
Construction  $1,589  $11,653 
Manufacturing and Food Production  $679  $4,909 
Finance and Insurance  $523  $3,459 
Professional and Technical Services  $491  $3,804 
Hotels / Motels  $384  $3,643


Find a Local Insurance Agent Near You

Connect with a local agent online to help you with your insurance needs.

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