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St. Petersburg is every beach lover’s favorite place with miles of white sand and lively vibes. Along with that it also a sought-after destination for boating, fishing, and various activities. Due to its proximity to the coast and its urban lifestyle, there are variety of risks residents can face during flooding and hurricane season.

With that in mind, having the right kind of protection is a requirement for existing and potential residents. This where various coverages such as, homeowners, car, rental and life insurance come in handy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some of the most common St. Petersburg home insurance claims?

    St. Petersburg’s structures are vulnerable to hurricane and tropical storm damage due to catastrophic wind and flooding because it is located on the Gulf Coast. Other common claims are theft or burglary, structure fire, mold or mildew damage, and liability claims for dog bites or other injuries.

    Understanding what types and levels of coverage are common in your area and what is typically covered by home insurance may assist you in selecting appropriate types and levels of coverage.

  • What factors affect renters insurance in St. Petersburg?

    Your renters insurance can depend on the following factors:

    • Credit score
    • Location
    • Claims history
    • Home’s features
    • Deductible amount
    • Coverage limits
    • Pets
    • Additional policies
  • Does an at-fault accident increase car insurance rates in St. Petersburg?

    An at-fault accident on your record will raise your car insurance rates as well. Having an accident on your record in St. Petersburg significantly raises the average rate for a full coverage policy.

  • Who needs life insurance in St. Petersburg?

    If you rely financially on someone else, you should consider purchasing life insurance. Life insurance proceeds, known as the “death benefit,” can be used for any purpose. Beneficiaries of life insurance policies can use the proceeds to cover final expenses, replace lost income, pay off a mortgage or other debts, fund a child’s education, and more. In most cases, life insurance proceeds are not subject to federal income taxes.


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