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Miami is the second most populous city in Florida. Given its proximity to the sea and it being a big city, residents can expect to face a variety of risks. Especially during flood and hurricane seasons, where many people face property losses on a large scale. 

If your property is damaged or destroyed, you could be financially devastated if you do not have insurance. Even if you have enough savings to cover the cost of repairs or replacement, rebuilding your life will most likely take years. 

Don’t put off getting insurance until it’s too late; get it now. Contact a local insurance agent to learn more about different types of personal insurance and to set up a policy.

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Popular Coverages in Miami

Coverage options for an insurance policy are determined by an insurance buyer’s needs as well as several other factors such as coverage limit, state laws, and policy type. In Miami, the following are the most popular coverage options:

Home Insurance 

  • Personal Liability Insurance 
  • Property Insurance 
  • Dwelling Coverage 
  • Additional Living Expenses 
  • Wind Insurance 
  • Flood Insurance

Auto Insurance

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) 
  • Property Damage Liability 
  • Bodily Injury Liability 
  • Collision Coverage

Business Insurance 

  • Business Owners Policy 
  • General Liability Insurance 
  • Professional Liability Insurance 
  • Cyber Liability Insurance 
  • Workers Compensation Insurance 
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Life Insurance 

  • Term Life Insurance 
  • Universal Life Insurance 
  • Whole Life Insurance 

Average Insurance Cost in Miami

The average insurance rates in Miami vary depending on the type of insurance you seek. These average rates, on the other hand, may give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for coverage in the city.

Type of Insurance Average Annual Premium Rates
Home Insurance $3,927 
Car Insurance $3,713 
Business Insurance $300-$5,000 
Life Insurance $627 

Note: The price given may vary as per your insurance provider and the intensity of risk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have homeowners insurance in Florida?

Although Florida law does not require homeowners insurance, most people want to protect their most valuable assettheir home.

Is it possible to get out-of-state car insurance in Florida?

No, you must have car insurance in your home state. If you move, you must notify your insurance company as soon as possible of your new address. If you live in another state, your claims may be denied.

What insurance do I need for my LLC in Florida?

All business owners in Florida are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance is required for any non-construction business with four or more employees, as well as any construction business with at least one employee.

What is a good amount for whole life insurance?

Most financial experts recommend setting aside 10-15 times your current income. Numerous factors influence life insurance rates, but your health has the greatest influence on the final cost.

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