Sending An Insurance Thank You Note To Customers In 5 Special Ways

Sending an insurance thank you note to customers and showing appreciation can be done in many different ways. There are many ways to appreciate your insurance buyers. However, it’s not easy coming up with them when you have a business to run.

All relationships require time and effort. Anticipating what your client needs from you can be one of the most challenging tasks to undertake. Despite its challenges, it brings an equal number of positive results.

The majority of clients want a great experience while navigating through the process of purchasing their insurance policy. More often than not, many can find this process to be tedious and time-consuming.

As an agent, help your clients have a great experience and feel at ease while they get the coverage that they require. After helping your client find the right insurance plan for them, it’s always a nice touch to end things on a high note.

In such cases, verbal appreciation or a sincere “Thank You” in any form can go a long way towards helping your reputation. The following are some suggestions for how you can show your appreciation.

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Learn Their Needs and Exceed Their Expectations

Everyone loves it when they get more than what they expect, which is a good way of disguising your insurance thank you note to customers. Your day becomes automatically brighter if you unexpectedly get a bagel for half price while you’re getting your morning coffee.  Similarly, a client will also feel happy if they get something extra while working with you.

For example, a lead comes in for information regarding the insurance policy that interests them. You know this client well enough to know they expect to get a decent policy at a decent rate. You can either present them the policy as it is, or you can throw in some discounts or give them a lower rate than previously discussed.

This demonstrates that you are aware of their situation and are willing to help them as best as you can. Now, isn’t that a great idea for a thank you note?

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How To Send An Insurance Thank You Note To Customers?

One of the easiest ways to show appreciation is to send a insurance thank you note to your customers. The note can be handwritten or typed on company letterhead.

However, handwritten thank-you notes with personalized messages are more effective as they give a personal touch.

A short phone call can also be equally personal and sufficient.

Free Agency Goodie Bags With An Insurance Thank You Note To Customers

Everyone loves free stuff.

You can gift your clients a goodie bag or company themed merchandise for a new policy they purchased. You can even send them one for special occasions such as the Fourth of July, Easter, Christmas or New Years’.

Additionally, this merchandise can provide you a lot of free marketing if clients choose to hold on to them. A simple thank you note to your insurance customers may not always be helpful, but merchandise is a surefire way to gaining rapport.

Here are some suggestions for items that would be appropriate.

  • Mugs
  • Keychains
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Pens
  • T-shirts

Social Media Appreciation Posts

If your business has a social media profile, it would be great if you said thank you to your customers through a post or a video. Your clients could “like” the post and maybe even give you a positive review based on their experience with you.

Additionally, many of their friends and colleagues can also see their activity and you can potentially broaden your customer base as well. One thank you note to your insurance customer goes a long way, whether it’s done in public or private.

This is also a plus for your business since it boosts online activity. Given how the entire world is focused on digital platforms, a few positive posts and videos can definitely make you look good.

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Discount Coupons & Gift Cards With An Insurance Thank You Note To Customers

Based on your interactions and history with your client, giving them a gift card or a discount coupon to a restaurant can be an excellent way to express gratitude.

Your clients will love the appreciative gesture and will continue to think about you and your business down the line. Also, they are more likely to refer you to their circle of friends and family.

Since this may not be feasible for every single one of your clients, it is best to reserve these gift cards for the promising ones or the ones you have had good dealings with.

An act of appreciation can come in many forms and they aren’t just limited to these. Whether it’s a thank you note or a gift that you are giving to your insurance customer, Psychology Today states that it will create an impact. As a professional, you can make an effort to learn about your clients on a personal level and connect with them. By doing so, you are valuing their business and them as a person.

Are there any other methods you have used besides these? Let us know in the comments below.

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