What You Need To Know About These 6 Insurance Software Apps

TLDR: This article answers what insurance software is and lists out 6 of the top insurance software systems currently available. If you’re looking for more insurtech to learn about, then read on ahead.

Once upon a time, the insurance industry was run and managed by agents using paper filing systems. But, like slide projectors and VHS tapes, that method has become antiquated and impractical for modern times. In the present day, digital technology is the established method for agency management, especially for insurance agents.

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What Is Insurance Software?

Insurance software assists brokers, agents, agencies, and carriers with managing their operations. It helps with underwriting, tracking claims, issuing policies, updating policy information, and data compartmentalization. It increases efficiency while saving time and money. But software also supports clients’ needs as well. It allows users to conduct basic tasks such as checking their eligibility, applying for coverage, collecting insurance-related information, etc. 

An agency management system, or an AMS, is an insurance software application that insurance agencies can use to manage and organize their book of business. It will effectively as well as efficiently run their operations with minimal human effort. An AMS is usually built to serve specific markets such as property and casualty or health sectors. 

With the constant challenges of growing customer expectations and competitive industry, it’s essential for insurance agencies to find the right software that suits their needs.  

Let’s take a look at 6 of the top insurance software systems currently available. 

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Covered by SAGE As a Top-Notch Insurtech

Covered by SAGE is an independent agency that allows outside agents to access their proprietary, leading-edge technology for a fee. SAGE provides holistic insurance CRM (customer relationship management) with a built-in Insurance rater, allowing agents and agencies to manage their leads from inception to sale and later to renewal. This is carried out through lead management and sales pipeline management tools. Tasks and lead notes assist agents in tracking all communications they have with their prospects.

Other top features include:

  • Automated data population
  • File import tools
  • Real-time premium calculation tool
  • B2B and B2C Sales Journey
  • Business partner management
  • Leads and engagement management
  • Set tasks & reminders
  • Lead lifecycle management

One reason SAGE stands apart is that it provides you with the ability to “rate” or price the insurance that customers need, so you don’t need to manage multiple applications or deal with tricky integration to get indicative pricing comparisons for your leads.

SAGE also has a nifty quick-quote feature that pulls data from various reliable sources that saves a lot of time during the quoting process.


Applied Epic, A Cloud-Based Insurance Software

Applied Epic is a cloud-based insurance software application. It assists agents, brokers, carriers, and customers in exchanging vital insurance data and related information through their platform.

Some of its notable features include:

  • License tracking
  • Policy and benefits administration
  • Document compartmentalization

Applied Epic also allows its operators to compare various policies and documents and has prebuilt templates that can be used to design plan summaries. It also allows its users to relay information to their employees regarding government-mandated benefits and coverage.

The platform’s agent dashboard helps agents manage as well as track their sales processes in a streamlined and comprehensive manner.

Meanwhile, agents can create multiple folders and access their clientele reports and documents with ease and precision. It also supports communication between client and agent through text messages.

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I2go for All Insurance Agents

Another cloud-based insurance software application, i2go is specially designed for insurers and insurance start-ups. The software automates the entire lifespan of the insurance policy, from the issuing phase to its eventual cancellation.

The software also comes with numerous modules such as:

  • Customer Management
  • Activity Management
  • Rating/Quoting
  • B2B & B2C Sales Journey
  • Business Partner Management
  • Lead and Engagement Management
  • Commission Management
  • Analytics and Reporting

The software implements API (application programming interface), which allows it to communicate with off-platform distribution channels such as aggregators and brokers, accounting systems, online payment gateways, data centres, etc.

Partner XE: UI Insurtech

If an easy UI (user interface) is what your business is looking for, then Partner XE might be the insurance software for you. Praised for ease of use that doesn’t come at the expense of any important features, this software platform doesn’t cut any corners while doing its job.

Partner XE helps users manage the entire life-cycle of the agency-client relationship completely within the digital platform. Therefore, everything from pre-sales as well as servicing to the renewal of coverage can be carried out within Partner XE.

Some notable features of Partner XE are:

  • Sales and Marketing tools
  • Client, policy, and financial management
  • Text messaging channels
  • Data analytics tools

This application also has a branded mobile app and is integrated with third-party tools that work together seamlessly to guarantee an effortless experience.


WaterStreet, An Agent’s Best Friend

An insurance software application that is specifically designed for P&C insurance, WaterStreet provides its operators with several cost-management and claim modules such as legislation lifecycle tracking, risk management, and claims accounting, to name a few.

Some notable tools that WaterStreet provides are:

  • Quote-to-claim policy support
  • Real-time premium calculation tool
  • Real-time underwriting
  • Policy management

On the clients’ side, the insured portal provides users with access to claims tracking, payment gateways, as well as policy status validation.

WaterStreet also provides users with various other agency profiles and document management tools. Any additional support is provided via email or live chat.

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Indio: Customizable Insurance Software

A P&C insurance agency solution, Indio is a cloud-based insurance management platform. It streamlines the insurance application and renewal process. Indio comes with a customizable form engine that allows agencies to display conditional questions so that they can obtain specific responses.

Some of the key features Indio provides include:

  • Creating notes
  • Automated data population
  • File import tools
  • Certified data security

Indio’s modular UI allows clients to leave notes and memos for their agents in documents. The platform also allows clients to share custom forms with the various agency departments to collaborate on specific fields.

In Conclusion

Integration of insurance software has become an absolute must in the modern insurance industry. It can greatly assist in improving operational efficiency as well as save a lot of time and money in the process. Its robust structures mean that it can generate reliable data which helps to increase sales potential. With so much off of our shoulders, agents have the free time for generating insurance leads.

Coupled up with social media marketing techniques, insurance software also helps answer the question of how to sell insurance online as it eliminates the need to engage in physical meetings and conferences.

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