Insurance Sales: Excellent Tips To Give Your Holiday Sales A Boost

Getting your customers to buy insurance during the Christmas season can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, the holidays are an insurance agent’s nightmare—insurance sales go down, and so do your commissions. It may seem pointless to start selling when the rest of the world is counting down to the new year, but these five powerful sales tips can turn the tables. Try these tips at your agency and thank us as your insurance sales go up.

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Tip #1: Turn Your Focus Off of Sales and Onto Customers

Everybody loves holiday cheer. Therefore, it’s a great excuse to send your customers a handwritten card or a discount coupon. Look around your community and see if you can organize a holiday event and gather people to find new leads. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your customers on your website and social media. Post a holiday greeting on your social media platforms.

These are just a few ideas, but there are many more ways you can let your clients know you’re here for them throughout the good times and the bad. You don’t need to make an insurance sale per se, but it helps that you get your name out there.

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Tip #2: Swap Your Communication Tactics for Insurance Sales

If you find that your leads aren’t as responsive to your emails in December, it’s most likely because your leads are busy with holiday activities. However, don’t despair—Deloitte found in a 2019 survey that 59% of people’s holiday expenditure budget was going to be spent shopping online and of those surveyed, 54% preferred online shopping over going to physical stores. Thus, people are still using their devices, but it’s important to take a balanced approach to your client’s communication methods.

A good agent knows that not all clients prefer the same method of communication. During the holidays, it’s important to keep in mind that clients’ communication preferences can vary even more than usual. Therefore, adjust your insurance sales communication strategies as needed and use this holiday season to research how much engagement each communication method gets from clients. Send your clients a short email with a cheery and upbeat subject line; send them a short text; and use your social media platforms to experiment with what works best for each client.


Tip #3: Upgrade Your Insurance Sales Content

According to Pew Research Center, 31% of adults in the U.S. are always online. This means that this said population is either on social media, watching content or looking for a good read. Your content geared towards insurance sales could bore your clients very easily. During the holidays, take the initiative and revamp your content. If you’re not the one preparing and designing your content, get your content team to prepare for the holidays and bring up new and exciting content. Additionally, it can be a great time to promote your brand’s unique personality and content.

If you play your cards right, your upgraded content could bring you better visibility and recognition.  It shows your leads that there are humans behind the company and makes your brand seem more relatable and accessible.

Tip #4: Change Your Insurance Sales Tactic

Once you have followed through with the earlier advice to upgrade your content for the holidays, your content will stand out from your competitors. The next step is to show your leads that your agency is specially prepared to make their purchasing experience during the holidays easier than normal.

For example, you can let your clients know that insurance experts have wide availability for consultations throughout the holidays. If possible, offer exclusive discounts and deals so that people can make impulse purchases. Prepare insurance bundles for people who are planning on traveling, organizing events, or purchasing properties during Christmas and the New Year.

When the rest of the world is closing for the week, you could be making a world of difference for your leads by opening your doors to them. If you want some insurance selling strategies, talk to other insurance experts as well.

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Tip #5: Everybody Loves A Good Deal

It’s that time of year where people are busy buying gifts and making huge purchases. It can get tricky getting people to buy insurance on top of all the things they’re already buying. However, your goal is to remind people that insurance is a gift that keeps on giving.

A solid insurance sales marketing strategy will incorporate discounts, gift cards, policy bundles, and good deals on all purchases during the holidays. Additionally, remind your clients that while gifts such as gadgets and clothes may give them instant satisfaction, purchasing insurance can give them long-term security.

Bonus Tip: Give More Than Just Insurance

Selling insurance comes naturally to most insurance agents. But not everyone wants to buy comprehensive auto coverage on Thanksgiving. It may be a good idea to branch out towards giving out information and customer service. It’s a great time for you to ask your old clients to leave a review or give you a testimonial. Similarly, you can reach out and find out how they’re doing.

You can also organize charity events, workshops, car washes, and other such group activities that will help people come together. Selling insurance is not just about making a sales pitch—you must win your clients’ trust first. Organizing these events could be a great way of generating goodwill for your agency.

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Key Takeaway

Holidays can be a great time to generate new leads and retain old customers. The main focus is to not be discouraged by the drop in your sales records and keep going forward. Motivate yourself and your team and remember that winning your clients’ trust and confidence is the first step towards gaining their business.

You can also try selling insurance from home by using the equipment you have with you.  

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