Great Ways To Avoid Common Mistakes: Insurance Sales Agent Edition

TLTR: This article is for insurance sales agents who need an additional boost in their sale numbers. Avoid using these tactics for maximum results!

As an insurance sales agent, the hardest part of your job can be finding new clients. While agents suffer from this problem globally, they also seem to have a hard time eliminating mistakes from their work. Sales sounds like an easy job but in reality, it can be quite difficult.  

Sales is its own kind of art form. When practicing, you’re bound to make mistakes, but it’s more important that you learn from them. Moreover, you can learn from the mistakes of others as well.  

Here are 7 common mistakes an insurance sales agent is likely to make.  

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Making Aggressive Pitches as an Insurance Sales Agent is A Big No-No

Making an aggressive sales pitch is a trap that even experienced are prone to falling into. The pressure to make the sale and grow your agency is real. While being a go-getter is an admirable trait to have as a sales agent, it’s also advisable to perceive yourself as an insurance buyer.

If you seem impatient to your clients, they are likely to feel that the product you are selling isn’t of much value and that you just want to make a quick sale.

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Not Following Up Enough Looks Bad on Your Image As An Insurance Sales Agent 

Many insurance sales agents around the world make a common mistake—not following up on their current clients. It’s crucial for you to stay connected and not treat them as “done deals”. Make an effort to contact them when they need to renew or change their policies. Likewise, dropping a birthday message or a congratulatory message on a fitting occasion can help keep you in their mind.  

For example, you should be in regular contact with your potential clients and be following up with them consistently for up to 7-10 days.  


Not Knowing Enough About The Product

When selling insurance, your confidence and knowledge about the product will make a world of difference in your sales numbers. Just ask yourself this, why would anyone want to do business with someone who doesn’t care? Do your homework beforehand and know the insurance products you are selling. If you do this, your confidence and expertise will come through and will help your clients feel like they are in good hands.

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Insurance Sales Agent Tend to Talk More and Listen Less

The best insurance sales agents are the ones who know the secret talk-to-listen ratio. According to a study conducted by Sales Hacker, your talking to listening ratio should be 40/60. Top sales agents know this and spend more time listening versus pitching their product.

How can you reduce your time talking when trying to sell a product? Well, it’s quite simple. One of the most important tricks here is to ask open-ended questions. For example, asking “Can you tell me more about the area you live in?”, or “What is your family like?” are great ways to learn more about the client.

Falling Victim To Internet Lead Scams

As an insurance sales agent, you most likely have encountered various internet ads or websites which sell low-priced leads. Do NOT fall victim to such scams. Leads that are available for cheap prices often lead to dead ends.  

Either the given lead is already being contacted by many other agents like yourself or the lead won’t even respond. These scams are also notorious for selling unverified leads. Contacting such cold leads is a definite waste of your money and your time.  


Not Keeping Up on Insurance News & Trends

The world is constantly changing and evolving with new products and needs for insurance. It’s important to stay up to date on insurance news and trends so you can offer your clients new insurance products that they might need, but are not aware of.

As their insurance advisor, it’s important to educate your clients. To stay up-to-date. Follow the news and subscribe to insurance industry websites. These small tactics will take you a long way when selling insurance policies.

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Taking Rejections Personally

Lastly, as an insurance sales agent, you should be able to handle your client’s rejections and objections. Even if they have been pre-qualified, chances are that most of your leads won’t be willing to convert during your first contact.

Nobody likes hearing “No!”. According to Sales Insight Lab, it’s important to remember that at least half of your leads may not be a good fit.

To Sum Up

Once you stop making these major mistakes as an insurance sales agent, you are likely to see an increase in your sales number.

Do you have any mistakes that you have made in the past which hurt your business? Drop your experience in the comments below!

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