US Assure Insurance Review:
Is US Assure Reliable For New Contractors?


TLTR: This US Assure Insurance Reviews blog covers the carrier’s different types of coverage available. The blog provides essential insights to the users about choosing a particular coverage type with US Assure Insurance.

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Is US Assure Insurance a Good Choice?

US Assure is a construction and property insurance company that distributes, underwrites, and services Zurich’s builders’ risk insurance program across the U.S. They help commercial producers and personal line insurance professionals to get an effective builder’s risk quote within a minute. 

They offer a wide range of builder’s risk policy making it a good choice for contractors, business owners, or financial institutions. But, for those looking for home and auto insurance, the options are limited. 

About US Assure Insurance

For over 40 years, US Assure Insurance has provided builders with risk insurance programs throughout the United States. They specialize in construction and property insurance along with customizable coverage options.

US Assure offers two major programs:

  • Builders Risk Plan Insured by Zurich
  • Property Insurance Products

These provide quick product access and flexibility in terms of online policy issuance. Furthermore, the company has no minimum volume commitment to start with.

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US Assure Insurance Reviews | Timeline

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Pros and Cons as Noted in US Assure Insurance Reviews

US Assure has a way of putting its customers at the center of everything they do. Despite that, a few pros and cons are still depicted in the table below.

Pros Cons
  • 40 years of experience
  • 24/7 services available for reporting claims online
  • Premium policy coverage up to $75 million
  • Limited products or services available
  • Not accredited by BBB or A.M. Best
  • No discount offers

US Assure Insurance Programs

Builders Risk Insurance Programs

US Assure Insurance helps new contractors in the construction project get covered with their Builders Risk Insurance Programs. The insurance carrier also analyzes potential risks and offers proper coverage and limits accordingly. 

How to ask for Builder Risk application and quote?

One who is a licensed property and casualty insurance agent can submit an application for builder’s risk insurance online. The application can be for both residential and commercial courses of construction projects valued up to $75 million. They also have a getting started online checklist that contains basic information required to submit an application. 

US Assure provides builders risk quotes through a fast and easy process. Their online agent platforms help builders who need quotes meet with expert agents. Those builders can decide to choose or change the quotes received.  

Some of the interesting features of the US Assure Build Risk Insurance Quotes are: 

  • They offer quick premium estimates. 
  • The application questions are simplified and tailored to the risk profiles. 
  • Underwriting holds are addressed promptly within the same day. 
  • Upon insurance issue, you can get proof of coverage immediately. 
  • They offer direct billing with premium payment installment options. 
  • You also get a professional team of specialists with underwriting authority. 

What Impacts Your Cost of Builders Risk Insurance Policy?

There are many factors that impact the cost of builder’s risk insurance policy. Some of the factors include: 

  • Location 
  • Project Type 
  • Construction Type 
  • Optional Coverage 
  • Additional Fees and Taxes 

Coverages Available in Build Risk Insurance

US Assure provides coverage for damage caused by fire, wind, and theft. You can also add some optional coverage endorsements to your standard coverage policy as required. 

Here is the list of coverages options under Build risk coverage.

Build Risk Insurance Coverage 

Standard coverage  Optional coverage endorsements 
Theft  Soft costs 
Vandalism and arson  Backup of sewers, drains or sumps 
Collapse  Better green 
Fire or lightning  Business income and extra expenses 
Property damage  Contract change order 
Materials in transit and at temporary locations  Earthquake or earth movement (where available) 
Debris removal  Flood (where available) 
Ordinance or law  Rain, snow, sleet and ice (water intrusion) 
And more  *For commercial projects only 

Commercial and Residential Property Insurance

US Assure Insurance lets agents and brokers access a variety of commercial and residential property insurance products covered by reputable “A” rated carriers. They offer wide coverage options ranging from landlord insurance to equipment coverage without premium commitment restrictions. Some of the different types of Commercial and Residential Property insurance offered by US Assure are: 

  • Contractors Equipment Insurance 
  • Rental Home Insurance 
  • Vacant Structure Insurance 

Contractors Equipment Insurance

Contractors Equipment Insurance helps construction, landscaping and excavation business to protect commercial operations. 

Rental Home Insurance

The US Assure rental housing insurance policy, often known as a landlord insurance policy, protects owners who rent well-maintained, one-to-four family unit residences, including detached buildings. If the property’s occupancy changes during the policy period, property coverage can be readily transferred to an unoccupied property insurance policy.

Vacant Structure Insurance

US Assure offers insurance for vacant homes and commercial buildings to business investors, landlords, and other owners. The vacant structure insurance provides aid to owners when their property is unoccupied during the phase of reconstruction, renovation or ownership transition.


Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

US Assure Insurance has built a high trust among business investors, real estate owners, and landlords involved in commercial projects. Focused on the commercial businesses, this company doesn’t offer much personal coverage.

To get one of the insurance programs available in the US Assure, people can simply visit the website and ask for a quote. As their insurance primarily covers commercial projects, they have expert agents on board to help their customers with their problems. 

So, if you are in need of insurance policies that cover your commercial needs, then this can be a viable option. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the programs provided by US Assure?

US Assure provides two programs: Builder’s Risk Plan Insured by Zurich and Property Insurance. 

What types of property insurance are available in US Assure?

There are three types of property insurance available in US Assure:  

  • Contractors Equipment Insurance 
  • Rental Home Insurance 
  • Vacant Structure Insurance 

    Who buys builder risk insurance?

    People who want to insure their commercial construction projects or residential builder risk policy can buy builder risk insurance. It includes: 

    • Homeowners/ Property owners 
    • Builders 
    • Contractors 
    • House flippers
    • Development / Investment Companies 
    • Retail companies 
    • School districts 

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