People’s Trust Insurance Review 2022 

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TLTR: This article provides an in-depth People’s Trust Insurance review. We look closely at the coverage they offer and their customer service. We also explore some critical pros and cons and some other essential factors to consider before deciding whether or not this company is right for your needs.

People’s Trust Insurance Reviews – Our Thoughts

People’s Trust Insurance Company offers standardized coverage options for Florida homeowners. Their Rapid Response Team, which handles more costly repairs with a three-year warranty, sets them apart from other insurance carriers for us. Furthermore, People Trust’s homeowner insurance includes coverage for your personal belongings at Actual Cash Value.  

If your house is rendered unfit to live in due to a covered loss, the company also offers to cover reasonable additional living expenses you may spend while your home is being restored (based on your policy limits). 

People’s Trust also offers a limited range of discounts, including discounts for veterans. For the majority of their Florida customers, this combination seems to be a winning recipe.  

Based on consumer feedback and our research, People’s Trust covers all bases that are required in homeowners’ insurance policies. People’s Trust is a great choice if you’re looking for flood or homeowners’ insurance in Florida. 

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Founded over 14 years ago, People’s Trust Insurance is located in the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University in Deerfield Beach. With more than 110,000 policyholders throughout Florida, People’s Trust Insurance is a privately held home insurance company in the state. 

People’s Trust Insurance’s affiliation with Rapid Response Team, one of Florida’s largest insurance repair general contractors, allows the company to manage emergency repairs and swiftly oversee the entire repair process for properties. 

People’s Trust Insurance – Pros and Cons



  • Has an affiliation with the Rapid Response Team that provides 24/7 service. 
  • Offers veteran discounts, including paperless discounts. 
  • Allows to pay and examine policies online. 
  • Only available in Florida 
  • Limited discounts 
People's Trust Insurance Statistics

Image: People’s Trust Insurance Statistics

Things To Know

People’s Trust Products

Homeowners Insurance

People’s Trust Insurance has a number of adaptable Florida insurance alternatives to match your property ownership needs. For every comprehensive homeowner’s policy (HO3), the insurance company inspects the house as soon as possible after the insurance is purchased. This extra step represents a unique difference in how they do business, with no additional expense to the homeowner. 

The Full-Service HO3 Coverage from People’s Trust is an outstanding insurance option for homeowners looking for a conventional Florida house insurance policy. Similarly, the company also offers Basic Choice Coverage, a less expensive insurance plan that excludes some forms of coverage, such as water damage and theft, to save money. Basic Choice meets most mortgage standards and may assist some homeowners in making their monthly mortgage payments more affordable.  

The HO3 policy provides protection against numerous forms of unintentional losses, including but not limited to fire or smoke, windstorm or hail, theft, vandalism, and water, excluding flood. The HO3 policy automatically provides coverage for your personal property at Actual Cash Value in your Florida house insurance policy. 

Flood Insurance

Most home plans do not cover losses caused by flooding, so People’s Trust recommends acquiring a Florida Flood Insurance policy for total coverage. Most newly issued flood insurance policies have a 30-day waiting period. 

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People’s Trust Insurance Cost 

Customers of People’s Trust Insurance praise their low costs and comprehensive coverage. People’s Trust also offers a basic policy that eliminates some forms of coverage but fulfills the majority of the requirements for homeowners’ insurance. 

People’s Trust offers a limited selection of discounts in addition to its low costs. If you’re 55 or older, you can get a 5% discount on the non-hurricane share of your premium. Discounts are also available for Military Personnel and Veterans, Secured and Gated Communities, and Paperless Policy Delivery. 

People’s Trust Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews 

People’s Trust Insurance Customer Reviews


They were quite professional and accommodating to customers. Their prices are unmatched. 


When I contacted them, I had a fantastic experience. They were polite, fast, and prompt in scheduling an inspection, among other things. I was approved and received my coverage right away. 


They have the best terms and staff, and they outperform their competitors by a long shot. 


People’s Trust was my first choice because they always offered the best rates and the best service. It appears like they are attempting to ensure you don’t spend unnecessarily. 


I read People’s Trust Insurance’s reviews online and contacted them. Immediately, they sent me a quote, and I decided to get my homeowners coverage from them as it was very affordable. 


Their rates were very reasonable, but their support has been unprofessional. Initially, all was good when I called them. But when they sent a company to assess the repair costs and came back with an estimate, it took a lot of time. I was very disappointed. 



Source: People’s Trust Insurance yelp reviews, People’s Trust Insurance google reviews 

Third-Party Reviews

Demotech, a small financial analysis organization that analyzes the financial stability of insurance companies, gave the firm an A rating. This rating indicates Exceptional Financial Stability. Since People’s Trust is a regional insurance carrier, credit rating agencies such as A.M. Best and J.D. Power have no data on their financial stability. 



Our Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

People’s Trust Insurance has revolutionized the way home insurance is offered and handled in Florida. The insurance firm is founded on a quick response mentality that helps policyholders cut costs and recover faster after a loss, allowing them to go back to normal faster.  

By removing the requirements for policyholders to contact a contractor, obtain price quotes, and coordinate any repairs themselves, People’s Trust helps policyholders save time and effort. The carrier is a great house and flood insurance provider in Florida, and certainly worth looking into. Nonetheless, we recommend acquiring a quote from People’s Trust and comparing it to other options before deciding on an insurance policy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does People’s Trust Insurance handle claims well?

People’s Trust uses their affiliated general contractor, the Rapid Response Team, 24 hours a day/, seven days a week to avoid further damage, make emergency repairs, and restore policyholders to pre-loss state, all with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on workmanship. 

Does People’s Trust allow customers to pay online?

Customers of People’s Trust Insurance can pay their bills online for free. 

Where is People's Trust Insurance available?

People’s Trust is available only in the state of Florida. 

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