Liberty Mutual Insurance Review:
Why Liberty Mutual Can Be A Perfect Fit For You?


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About Liberty Mutual

Carrying a history of more than 100 years as a growing Insurance company, Liberty Mutual Insurance is one of the nation’s leading insurance companies. The organization also provides a wide range of insurance products, such as auto insurance, property insurance, and other insurance plans. Despite being a bit more expensive than other insurance carriers, Liberty attracts several people because of its many discount offers and ability to customize policies for its users.

As one of the biggest insurance providers, Liberty Mutual Insurance has both good and negative reviews popping up every now and then. According to, Liberty Mutual has an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5. In addition, Liberty is also ranked as a top 2 company providing the most affordable homeowners’ insurance.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Reviews

Ways To Contact Liberty Mutual Insurance

You can get in touch with an agent in Liberty Mutual Insurance with just a Google search. So, it’s effortless to connect with one of the Liberty Mutual Insurance representatives in your state.

To Call For A Quote 24/7 Roadside Assistance
1-800-295-2723 1-800-426-9898

Social Media Handles 

Website  Facebook  Twitter 

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Pros and Cons as Noted in Liberty Mutual Insurance Reviews

Here are some of the top points we have gathered through Liberty Mutual insurance reviews, that you should definitely note before choosing them as an insurance carrier.

Pros Cons
  • Wide range of available coverage
  • Pretty expensive before discounts
  • Several discounts to reduce your costs
  • Below average auto claim satisfaction rating
  • Can be completely used through a digital platform

Ratings of Liberty Mutual Insurance

Curious about the reviews of Liberty Mutual? Here’s a brief idea on what third party Liberty Mutual insurance reviews and rating companies have ranked them so far:

Third-Party Ratings 

Organization  Liberty Mutual Rating  Description 
AM Best  A (Excellent)  Company that has an excellent ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. 
NAIC  1.14 (auto), 0.11 (home)  The company receives more than average complaints about auto insurance, and significantly fewer complaints about home insurance. 
J.D. Power  876 (auto), 806 (home), 823 (renters)  Customers satisfaction from the company are below average I.e., 880. 

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Products That Are Evaluated in Liberty Mutual Insurance Reviews

Liberty Mutual offers a broader range of insurance products from auto insurance to homeowners’ insurance and insurance for small businesses.
To understand more about these insurance products, let’s look at the types of insurance Liberty provides.

Auto Insurance 
Car and Motorcycle  Antique and Classic Car 
Boat and Watercraft  ATV and Off-road vehicle 
Umbrella  Recreational Vehicle 

Property Insurance 

Homeowners and Renters  Condo 
Landlord  Mobile Home Insurance 
Umbrella  Flood Insurance 


Life and Accident Insurance  Critical Insurance 
Identity Theft  Pet Insurance 
Tuition Insurance  Small Business Insurance 

Note: If you choose to get customized car insurance online, you can save up to 12%.

Things You Get In Car (Auto) Insurance Coverage From Liberty Mutual

One of the popular policies of Liberty Mutual is auto insurance policies. According to Nerd Wallet, “Liberty Mutual is the nation’s sixth largest auto insurer based on direct premiums written.” The company provides the flexibility of buying standardized to customized car insurance policies online.

List of Common Car Insurance Coverage

Coverage Type 

Things That Are Covered 

Is It Required? 
Bodily Injury And Property Damage Liability  Property damage from an accident that you caused, costs for injuries and deaths.  Mostly, yes. 
Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage  Property and Medical Damages after accident with driver who has insufficient insurance or none at all  Normally, required. 
Collision Coverage  Repair expenses from traffic related accidents  Usually, a car loan or lease requires it. 
Comprehensive Coverage  Repair expenses incurred as a result of occurrences beyond your control, such as weather, striking an animal while driving, theft, and vandalism.  Usually, a car loan or lease requires it. 


Things You Can Add To Your Standard Auto Insurance Policy

Accident forgiveness  If you have a clean driving record for five years, your first accident will be forgiven. Meaning, the premium won’t increase even after your first accident. 
New Car Replacement  If your car is totaled during the first model year and 15,000 miles, you will be compensated for the full cost of a replacement car, not just the depreciated value. 
Better Car Replacement Insurance  If your automobile is totaled at any age or mileage, you will be paid for a car that is one year newer and has 15,000 fewer miles on it than your total car. 
Rental Car Reimbursement  Liberty Mutual will pay you for your rental car if your vehicle is fixed at an approved repair facility. 
Road Side Assistance  This add-on service offers 24-hour roadside assistance and covers towing, jump starts, emergency fueling, and flat tires. 


Discounts You Can Get in Liberty’s Car Insurance Policies

Types of Discounts  Details 
Homeowner  Homeowners may save more money on their insurance policies. 
Military  Discounts are available to active, retired, and reserve members of the United States military. 
Early Shopper  If you get a quotation before your auto insurance expires, you might earn a discount if you join up with Liberty Mutual. 
Good Student  Full-time students with a B average or higher are eligible for discounts. 
Student- Away- At School  If your child is away at school and only uses your vehicle on occasion, you will obtain a cheaper insurance cost. 
Advanced Safety Features  You are eligible for a discount if your car includes sophisticated safety features such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, or adaptive headlamps. 
Alternative Energy  If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, you may be eligible for a cheaper premium. 
Anti- Theft Device  Vehicles fitted with anti-theft equipment are eligible for further discounts. 
Accident Free  You might save even more money if you have a clean driving record. 
Violation Free  You might reduce your premium if you have no tickets or infractions on your driving record. 
Right Track  Enroll in the RightTrack safe driving program to earn a participation discount and a final discount of up to 30%. 
Multi-Policy  If you have numerous Liberty Mutual policies, you are eligible for a discount. 
Multi-Car  Families that buy automobile insurance from Liberty Mutual save more money on premiums. 
Preferred Payment  Enroll in automatic payments and save money. 
Full payment  To earn a discount, pay your fee in one or two installments rather than monthly. 
Online Purchase  You will receive a discount if you obtain a free quotation online and purchase a policy. 
Paperless Policy  When you sign up to get bills through email rather than mail, you can save money on insurance. 


Things You Get in Property Coverage Insurance from Liberty Mutual 

Besides the well-known popularity of auto insurance policies, Liberty Mutual also has outstanding homeowner’s insurance policies.  According to US News, Liberty’s homeowners’ insurance policies rank in the top 9 among the best homeowners insurance companies for 2022. In fact, cheap home insurance policies rank among the top 3 cheapest homeowners insurance policies in the United States.

List of Common Homeowners Coverage Provided by Liberty Mutual

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options 

Dwelling Coverage  Protects you from property damage that includes your home, fences and driveways. Might also include protection from fire, water, theft, vandalism and weather. 
Personal Property Coverage  You can receive actual cash value for the damaged or stolen personal property that you insured. 
Personal Liability and Medical Payments to Other  If anyone suffers accidental damage in your home, this coverage helps you to cover their expenses. 
Additional Living Expenses/ Loss Of Rent  If you ever have to shift due to unavoidable damage that struck your home like fire, thunderstorm, hurricane- this will cover your accommodation until your house is habitable. 

Things To Add To Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

It’s not normal to expect unexpected things that can occur in your home. But, being ready with insurance that can potentially save you a lot of money is expected in the long run. Whether it’s a fire, earthquake, or even flood- Liberty Mutual provides you with additional Homeowners Coverage Options, so you are fully and financially secured from every potential risk. 

Additional Homeowners Coverage 

Scheduled Items  Personal Property Coverage  Inflation Protection 
Flood Insurance  Replacement cost for belongings  Water backup and sump pump overflow coverage 
Earthquake Coverage  Blanket Jewelry Coverage  Identity fraud expense coverage 
Hurricane Coverage  Umbrella Coverage   

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Is Liberty Mutual Insurance A Good Company For Insurance?

Liberty provides a variety of auto insurance and renters insurance policies for its customers to have flexible options to choose from for their required policies. Also, with the use of technology, Liberty has made its apps and websites very easy to use. For anyone who wants to do all the processes online, Liberty is the go-to choice.

On top of that, Liberty gives you discount offers and ways to decrease your premium costs, making it easier and more affordable for the customers to choose the right policies.

Or, Is Liberty Mutual Insurance A Bad Company For Insurance?

A company can be both good and bad depending on perspectives and situations. However, there are a few things that Liberty stands against with other insurance companies.

Although Liberty offers several discounts on insurance policies, the initial cost is above the average market price. Also, Liberty Mutual doesn’t have a good rating like its policies regarding its claim process and customer service. Few occasional buyers show slight disappointment with their experience at Liberty Mutual.

Sample Customer Comments From Liberty Mutual Insurance Reviews

Also, let’s see what Liberty’s customers have to say about Liberty Mutual

Customer Reviews 
Name  Review  Rating 
Max Javier  The estimate was not cost-effective but Liberty Mutual Insurance mentioned utilizing quality staff and elaborated the process.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Jean Beckham  I can’t be delighted enough! Liberty Mutual Insurance and its staff did a great job.
AJ Reddy  To those in need of their services, I speak highly of Liberty Mutual Insurance – I couldn’t be happier! Not to mention its workers who have been distinctly professional, efficient, and courteous to our wants.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 



Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This Liberty Mutual Insurance review is just a brief about the policies Liberty provides and their discounts. Although Liberty has many discount policies for their home and auto insurance coverage, their initial price for the insurance is pretty high than the average market. 

Nevertheless, Liberty Mutual has the top-ranking homeowner’s insurance policies and auto insurance policies in the United States. One can find a wide range of coverage to add to their insurance policies while getting a chance to receive multiple discounts to reduce their costs. Overall, they have an easy-to-use website and application where users can request quotes and browse different coverage options at ease.   

Connect With The Best Insurance Agents Near You

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to file a claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance?

Filing a claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance is as easy as reporting it online or through its mobile app. You can also call 800-225-2467 to report a claim. 

How to get a quote from Liberty Mutual Insurance?

To get a free quote from Liberty Mutual Insurance you can visit the company’s website directly or call 800-295-2723. 

Who should sign up for auto insurance from Liberty?

Students who have good grades and are eligible for discounts or families needing multiple insurance policies can be the best fit to sign up for auto insurance policies from Liberty. Also, people suitable for the discounts mentioned above, like clean driving records or someone compatible with getting paperless insurance policies, can sign up for auto insurance. 

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