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TLTR: This insurance review blog about AonEdge Flood Insurance covers the description about the company and different types of products AonEdge provides. These informed details along with the reviews and ratings from different sources will help you make a decision. 

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About the company: AonEdge Flood Insurance Reviews

The company AonEdge was established in 2003 and has now expanded to all 50 states of the United States, excluding AH, DC, HI, and Ky. The company runs as a private flood insurance carrier mainly working with single-family residential homeowners. Generally, private flood insurance covers the damage caused by flooding to a home structure and its content.

Unlike other flood insurance policies, private flood insurance does not receive any backing from the federal government. On the other hand, other flood insurance policies receive funding from the government. Hence, the federal coverage is paid from the taxpayers’ money. However, private flood insurance companies that are profit motive do not have such luxuries, so they collect premiums from insurers and cover their cost in case of damage. AonEdge Flood Insurance has been popular for such insurance policies since its establishment. 


Pros and Cons as Noted in AonEdge Flood Insurance Reviews

Here are some of the top points we have gathered through AonEdge flood insurance reviews, that you should definitely note before choosing them as your private flood insurance carrier.

Pros Cons
  • Fast and easy purchase policy
  • Immediate activation
  • Available in all states except AH, DC, HI, and KY
  • No 24-hour customer service
  • Difficult to access the website

Ratings of AonEdge Flood Insurance

Curious about the reviews of AonEdge private flood insurance? Here’s a brief idea of what rating companies have a say about AonEdge flood insurance so far:

Third-Party Ratings 

Organizations  AonEdge Ratings  4.5 out of 5 stars 
Better Business Bureau (BBB)  “A” 
AM Best  “A” or “Excellent” 

Products That Are Evaluated in AonEdge Flood Insurance Reviews

AonEdge offers a broader range of flood insurance products from private flood insurance to commercial flood insurance and excess flood insurance.
To understand more about these flood insurance products, let’s look at the types of insurance AonEdge provides.

EZ Flood Insurance 

EZ flood insurance is one of the leading products of AonEdge that offers insurance services to residential living areas that are at higher risk of flood zones and those areas at a lower risk. Also, this EZ Flood Insurance is the simplified option to the NFIP, where there are mandatory flood insurance requirements.

Benefits Of Getting EZ Flood Insurance
Getting insurance with only 12 underwriting questions 
Elevation certificate or photographs are not required 
Coverage is provided for the catastrophic ground collapse 
Optional Additional Living Expense (ALE) along with food spoilage and swimming pool clean up coverage 
No-waiting period 
Over 3,000+ lenders have accepted it
Should be a residential property 
Available in A and V flood zones for higher risk properties and B, C, and X flood zones for lower-risk properties 

Excess Flood Insurance 

This flood insurance covers flood insurance coverage above National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) limits. The limit set by NFIP on a residential building is just $250,000. However, more than 50% of homes in the United States are worth more than $408,000. So, Excess Flood Insurance comes into the plan for a high-valued home that requires extra coverage. 
AonEdge provides additional coverage through Excess Flood Insurance to people who might need extra home coverage in a catastrophic flood.

Benefits Of Getting Excess Flood Insurance
Getting Insurance with only 12 underwriting questions 
Elevation certificate or photographs are not required 
Coverage is provided for the catastrophic ground collapse 
Optional Additional Living Expense (ALE) along with food spoilage and swimming pool clean up coverage 
No-waiting period 
Over 3,000+ lenders accept it.
Eligible Risks  Non- Eligible Risks 
Residential Property  Buildings in COBRA zones 
Commercial Properties  Buildings in emergency program 
  Non-residential contents 
  Contents coverage without building coverage 
  Residential Condominium Building Association Polices (RCBAP) and single condo units 
  Risks with total replacement cost/actual cash value greater than $15MM 

Commercial Flood Insurance

Commercial Flood Insurance offered by AonEdge is one of the custom private flood insurance solutions where InsurMark offers brokers and clients custom solutions.

Benefits of Custom Commercial Flood Insurance 
Ability to write multiple properties on one policy 
Lender Complaint 
Buildings and contents coverage 
Replacement cost benefits 
Optional coverage for loss of rents and business income 
Ability to write in Non-Participating Communities and COBRA zones 
Eligibility Requirements
Should be located at least in one of the states 
Commercial Properties 

Is AonEdge Flood Insurance Worth the Hype? 

AonEdge has made purchasing EZ flood insurance super easy for people living in flood risk zones. With over 12 questions – they provide quotes for the interested people who want to buy a flood insurance policy. With that benefit, anyone would easily be able to purchase the flood insurance policy of their needs. On top of that, they have no waiting period and don’t even require a picture of the house in some cases.   

However, such a privilege comes with a price. AonEdge Flood Insurance isn’t backed up by the federal government but Aon Insurance. Private-funded flood insurance companies are less reliable in paying the coverage when a major disaster happens. 

Sample Customer Comments From AonEdge Flood Insurance Reviews

Also, let’s see what AonEdge customers have to say about their flood insurance

Customer Reviews 
Review  Rating 
Been using them for years, very nice to deal with, help when they can. Still have to deal with NFIP, FEMA and the like so options can be limited at times.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
If I could give it -5 stars I would.   My house flooded TWO MONTHS ago. I can’t get the adjuster on the phone. There’s zero communication and I am doubtful I will see any money from AON EDGE coming my way.   


Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This AonEdge Flood Insurance review is just collaborative information about the ins and out of the carrier. The carrier provides an easy purchase policy and covers additional coverage besides the limits of the federal government through its Excess flood Insurance policy. Hence for those who require insurance protection for their high-valued homes and those who need commercial flood insurance- AonEdge can be a suitable option.  

Residential owners can sign up for flood insurance policies by just answering 12 underwriting questions. The immediate activation feature allows people to sign up for insurance in an emergency.  

Overall, purchasing flood insurance with AonEdge can be straightforward, and given that they provide service for almost every state in the US increases their reliability. However, there have been reviews of poor communication and late response in customer service. Besides, the carrier has good ratings from all the trustworthy third-party ratings. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of flood insurance provided by AonEdge Flood Insurance?

Typically, there are three types of flood insurance provided by AonEdge Flood Insurance.  They are: 

  • EZ Flood Insurance 
  • Excess Flood Insurance 
  • Commercial Flood Insurance 

What is the maximum coverage one receives through AonEdge Flood?

Through AonEdge Flood Insurance, you can receive coverage up to $5M for structures, also up to $15M in replacement cost value.

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