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Better Pay and Job Outlook: Why You Should Look for Insurance Nurse Jobs

TLTR: Working as a nurse is all about being there for those who need medical care. In this article, we discuss how much you’ll earn, career prospects, and work-from-home opportunities, as well as which companies you should apply to for insurance nurse jobs.

If you’ve chosen nursing as a career, working from home can sound like a fantasy. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of people were forced to stay home and work remotely. But nurses were deemed front-liners and went to work every day. The sacrifices and contributions of nurses and other medical professionals moved the World Health Organizations (WHO) to designate 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.  

However, exhaustion and demoralization were aftermaths of the tiring pandemic, which resulted in high numbers of nurses quitting their line of work. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) recently surveyed a number of hospitals and nurses and found that 66% of nurses have considered quitting their job as a direct result of the pandemic.  

Likewise, if you’re one of the nursing workforce who is interested in a career change, you should look into becoming an insurance nurse. Don’t know what it means? This article provides job descriptions, assists you with finding insurance nurse jobs, and examines whether it’s viable for you to work from home.  

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What Insurance Nurse Jobs Are Available? 

As an insurance nurse, your duties comprise a client’s healthcare assessment, medical treatment review, and claims review, among many other things. One can work in an insurance company under titles of medical care wellness specialist, care assessor, or registered nurse (RN) insurance assessor. Insurance nurses communicate with clients regarding their current health, medication, and treatment plans, and assess the health needs of their patients. They can also advise them on their policies and loss claims.  

Most importantly, an insurance nurse must hold an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. They should have passed the NCLEX exam to be able to practice nursing in your state and also possess excellent technical and observational skills.   

There are many designations you can choose as an insurance nurse. Let’s look at some of them: 


Health Coach Associate 

As a health coach associate, you work with your insurance company’s clients and provide wellness strategies so as to reduce the number of claims that clients may make and will help identify health issues, develop incentives, and organize wellness campaigns for these clients to follow. As the designation suggests, your help will essentially coach them to become healthier so they file fewer claims. Glassdoor claims that Aetna health coaches make up to $73,314 on average per year.   

Most importantly, to become a nursing health coach, you must earn an undergraduate degree such as Bachelor of Science in nursing. Individuals must attend four years of schooling for the degree, but you can also go for Associate of Applied Science in nursing, which will take two years. You must become an RN by passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).   

Some insurance companies may require you to earn a health coach certification, but most do not. However, if you want your resume to stand out, opt for either a nurse coach certification or holistic nurse coach certification.   

Quality Management Nurse Associate 

Insurance companies sell multiple insurance policies at the same time. Quality assurance may not always be at the forefront of their minds, which can hamper clients’ satisfaction with the insurance they buy. Quality Management Nurse Associates work with their companies so that the policies are always qualitative and meet their clients’ expectations. According to Salary, on average, quality management nurses make $79,590 per year.  

Moreover, in order to become a quality management nurse associate, you must become a registered nurse. As we’ve mentioned above, you must have a bachelor’s degree or at least an associate degree in nursing. You should also sit for and pass the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. You can also get the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) certification from the National Association for Healthcare Quality or a master’s degree in nursing.

Appeals Nursing Associate/Consultant 

You must have strong analytical skills, and at least a few years of experience as a nurse before working as an appeals nurse.   

As an appeals nurse, you will review multiple insurance claims and denials each day. You will analyze medical code data and records and make decisions on whether or not to move forward with an insurance appeal. You will work extensively with the medical staff and the client to determine patients’ conditions, pre-existing medical ailments, and diagnoses.   

Furthermore, the average annual salary of an appeals nursing associate/consultant is $93,752, according to Zip Recruiter. Much like all the other insurance jobs for nurses, you must have completed at least an associate degree in nursing and a license after passing the NCLEX-RN exam.   

Telephone Triage Nurse

The primary job of a telephone triage nurse is to talk to patients over the phone and collect their information. Consequently, they assess the patients’ conditions and recommend the appropriate care and medical/health insurance they may require. Salary reports that triage telephone nurses make about $77,100 per year on average.  

Like the above-mentioned nursing jobs, this one also requires a bachelor’s degree in nursing or something related, and a license. You will additionally require a good Wi-Fi connection and great communication skills.   

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Insurance Nurse Jobs From Home

Most nursing jobs require you to be on-site, but these alternative job opportunities can allow you to work remotely. There are so many things you can do with a good smartphone, Wi-Fi, and a nursing degree. Similarly, with the advance of technology in insurance, you can work these insurance nurse jobs from your home or any place you’re comfortable. Let’s look at some remote work you can do as a nurse.  

  • Health Coaching  
  • Quality Assurance  
  • Appeals Analysis  
  • Case Management  
  • Clinical Research  
  • Medical Consulting  

Some of these jobs require little to no interaction with the patients. Moreover, you can offer your expertise in the nursing industry to help insurance companies produce better policies.  

Working remotely, it seems, has more benefits than disadvantages. Gartner CFO recently conducted a survey which revealed that at least 74% of companies plan to shift some percentage of their workforce to permanently remote workers. 

Benefits of Remote Insurance Nurse Jobs  

With an ever-increasing number of nurses ready to quit their jobs, they’re looking for better-paying, more comfortable, and safer workplaces. Thankfully, insurance nurse jobs could be just the ticket for these retired frontliners. 

Why? Let’s find out!  

A Broad Work Experience as an Insurance Nurse 

Working in a hospital can be good, but working in a different field altogether can expand your horizons. You’ll be meeting and working with different people including insurance agents, brokers, patients, and fellow nurses. Additionally, you’ll be challenged with different sets of goals and targets. You’ll be enriched with more experience than you’ll ever have when you worked as a clinical nurse.   

Better Time Management 

You’ll have better control of your time and workload when you’re working remotely. With your commute time and expenses cut down significantly, you can have more time for yourself and your family. Similarly, If you’re career-oriented, you can even study and earn a master’s degree while simultaneously working as an insurance nurse.  

Working for a Better Society as an Insurance Nurse 

An insurance company handles many types of insurance-related tasks in a day. In such a fast-paced environment, they need an experienced individual in all fields to help them sculpt a great insurance policy. Insurance nurses work closely with insurance companies to make sure that the policies actually help the clients.   

Reduced Chances of Catching Illnesses 

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of frontliners were forced to keep consideration for their own safety on the back burner while they cared for the sick. International Council of Nurses released a report which claimed that more than 1.6 million healthcare workers have been infected worldwide, with 2,262 nurses having lost their lives due to COVID-19 in 2020. By working remotely, you’re able to work in the safety of your home, which will greatly lower your risk of infection with any kind of illness.   


Insurance Company Jobs for Nurses 

There are multiple health and life insurance companies offering job opportunities to nurses. Here are five of the top insurance providers for you to consider, according to Flex Jobs 


Aetna has been around for almost 170 years. They’re known as one of the top national companies that provide premium healthcare and insurance. Aetna offers its insurance services and products in all 50 states. These insurance services and products include medical, dental, disability, COVID-19 vaccine coverage, and more. Aetna recently has been looking for multiple insurance nurse jobs from home, such as:  

  • Senior Clinical Strategist  
  • Case Manager Nurse  
  • Appeals Nurse Consultant  

According to GlassDoor, an Aetna registered nurse earns $77,846 on average in a year. Usually, they look for nurses with at least five years of clinical experience. And they look for collaborators with good communication skills who are good at working independently. Of course, since the employees would be working from home, Aetna requires them to be good at using computers and software.  

Anthem, Inc. 

Anthem, Inc. is a renowned name in insurance and focuses on delivering better policies and improving lives. They claim that they serve almost 73 million Americans. They’re currently looking to fill in these remote insurance nurse jobs:  

  • Telephone Triage Nurse  
  • Case Management Nurse
  • Quality Management Nurse 

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Indeed states that a registered nurse earns about $64,735 a year on average. The company offers great benefits such as health, vision, and dental insurance, and exclusive employee discounts.   

CVS Health 

CVS Health is probably the leading healthcare company in medical and healthcare insurance. They provide affordable healthcare to low-income individuals and families. With the brand operating under CVS Pharmacy, CVS MinuteClinic, CVS Caremark, CVS Specialty, and more, they service an average of five million clients each day.  

They’re currently looking for the following remote insurance nurses:  

  • Nurse Practitioner  
  • Registered Nurse  
  • Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse  


Humana started in the 1960s as a nursing home company. Currently, it is a fortune 500 company with its focus completely on providing healthcare and insurance to its customers. The company offers Medicare, vision, dental, and commercial insurance policies. They are currently looking for the following remote nursing jobs:  

  • Registered Nurse  
  • Utilization Management Nurse  
  • Telephone Triage Nurse  

Salary claims that a telephone triage nurse at Humana usually makes about $78,600 on average, annually.   


Just like the rest of the companies we’ve mentioned, Cigna is a national insurance company with a focus on healthcare. Cigna offers great pay and benefits to its registered nurses. You must have at least three years’ worth of experience to work as a consultant at Cigna. However, you won’t need any experience if you apply for an entry-level job as an associate.   

Cigna is currently looking to fill these positions at their company:  

  • Registered Nurse  
  • Remote Patient Management Nurse

Insurance Nurse Jobs: Is It Worth the Hype? 

To sum up, nursing is a great occupation. Working remotely as a registered nurse opens you up to many opportunities. If the workload is messing up your work/life balance, consider working at any of the above-mentioned companies.  

Of course, consider purchasing malpractice insurance or other insurance for nurses, because trouble is never too far away, regardless of your workplace. If you’re not too sure where to look for insurance, take a look at our insurance directory and find an agent.   

Insurance Nurse Jobs FAQs

Can you tell me how to get insurance nurse jobs?

Becoming an insurance nurse is quite different from what you normally do as a nurse. Your usual workday may include less interaction with patients and more research and data collection. As an insurance nurse, you also have the opportunity of working remotely.   

To become an insurance nurse, you will need an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. You must also have a valid NCLEX-RN license to practice in your state. You can further get a master’s degree and other vocational education related to nursing. However, usually, insurance companies will hire inexperienced nurses for entry-level jobs.   

Apply to Cigna, Humana, Aetna, or other healthcare insurance companies to start working insurance nurse jobs from home.  

What kind of insurance is required to work as a nurse?

How can you get a insurance nurse jobs with a healthcare degree?

For insurance companies, providing affordable insurance policies with good coverage options is important. Sometimes, they’re not privy to what makes a good healthcare insurance policy. That’s when the expertise of healthcare specialists comes into play. As a practicing nurse, you have hands-on experience in medical expenses and what kind of ailments patients suffer from.   

You can simply send in your CV or resume to the hiring companies looking for registered nurses. You need only have a valid license to practice nursing and a bachelor’s degree. Good luck!  

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