Insurance Networking: The Best Tips For Events

TLDR: Insurance networking is an important part of an agent’s career. There are many ways to navigate and gain successful results by attending events with a networking focus.

All professional agents eventually come to understand that insurance networking is a key part of their livelihood.

Through it, you get to know people and make connections for your business. If you acquire enough reliable connections through networking, it can greatly improve your chances of acquiring bigger and bigger clients as well.

Furthermore, in-person meetings are how a majority of businesses acquire clients. According to an Oxford study, business travelers and executives estimated that about 40% of their prospective customers converted into new customers with a face-to-face meeting, compared to only 16% without one.

This makes insurance networking events very important, especially for agents. Here are a few pointers on how to prepare for such events.

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Have a Game Plan

Jumping into an insurance networking event blindly is never a good idea. Not everyone can walk into such events and magically come out with a bunch of fresh new contacts. So, it is best to be prepared and attend such insurance networking events with a plan in mind. 

To start, looking over details such as the names of the organizers, a list of attendees, or any potential well-known local personalities who are attending the event can spark some ideas. Having a goal when you attend the event is also helpful. Small goals such as connecting with five people, or giving out your business card to 10 people, can go a long way towards giving you a sense of purpose during the event.  

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Communicate Differently

At insurance networking events, people tend to not like it when a new acquaintance immediately jumps into giving them an insurance sales pitch.  Although you are attending the event to hopefully gain some new clients, hold off on talking about insurance until you get to know the person a little bit.

When you approach people, start off with some friendly, casual conversation. Put them at ease and they will possibly speak to you a bit longer.

Questions such as, “Is this your first time attending such an event?” or even something about the food being served such as, “Did you like the muffins?” are easy conversation starters that stay away from business topics.

When you do not try the sales pitch way, you are doing something different.  Asking a person about something from their life other than insurance can leave quite an impression. To them, you will be the person who didn’t ask about their insurance plans.

Be considerate and try to have a unique approach while conversing with the people you meet.


Make Connections

As you get to know people at an insurance networking event, you’ll learn more about what interests them. Sometimes you’ll even meet people who have overlapping interests. Using the opportunity to connect those with shared interests can be very beneficial for you. 

Chances are they will appreciate the gesture and even connect you with other people in their circle. Being known as someone who is well-connected and is interested in showing professional support can be something exclusive to your character. 

Utilize LinkedIn

Social media platforms are a great professional networking tool for insurance agents. While a lot of people you meet might opt to follow your business on LinkedIn, chances are that not as many will leave comments or interact with your posts.

On the same note, many people know that insurance networking is important to their career, but they find it difficult to spare the time to keep in touch with contacts. Thankfully, social media makes it easy to stay connected.

Just because it’s on social media and not in-person doesn’t mean the interaction is a waste of time. As per a report by LinkedIn, over 35% of respondents said that a casual conversation on the platform led to a new opportunity, such as a new business deal. Follow up on any conversations that you had with the people you met during the insurance networking events, and it will work to your benefit.

Therefore, follow the businesses and people you met during an event, interact with their posts and even message them. It is a solid way to build and keep connections with contacts.

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A smile is one of the simplest things a person can do. It can brighten anyone’s day and create a positive impression towards people you come across at networking events.  

Additionally, make an effort to be nice and more open-minded. This will position you as someone easy to talk to. When you are easy to converse with, people will naturally feel more comfortable.  

In A Nutshell

At the end of the day, how you present yourself and interact with people speaks volumes to others. Sure, business and all the details are important but it’s the people who are behind all that. Understand the people, their motives, and their stories. Doing that will help you in the long run.

Are there any other tips that you swear by when attending insurance networking events?

If you found this insurance blog helpful the do let us know in the comments.


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