Last Updated: January 9, 2023

Insurance Marketing: Using Google Business Profile to Become a Successful Insurance Agent

A strong digital presence is not just important these days, it’s crucial. If you aren’t on the web, you can quickly become obsolete.

To search for any business, product, or service, most people use Google. And to stand out on Google, most successful businesses use Google Business Profile.

But how is Google Business Profile beneficial to insurance agents? What does Google Business Profile do to helps you gear up for success?

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Here are the top benefits provided by Google Business Profile for insurance agents:  

  • Get Noticed Easily  
  • Generate New Leads  
  • Showcase Your Business  
  • Gain Insights About Your Customers  
  • Leverage Customer Reviews   
  • Show Up in Google Map Searches  
  • Get In Google’s Local 3-Pack  
  • Build Credibility  
  • Increase Website Traffic  

What is Google Business Profile  

Google Business Profile is a free tool for creating a business listing on Google. It’s one of the easiest ways for businesses to get found online. You can create your profile with just a few clicks, including your key details like location, contact info, and customer reviews.

By creating a Google Business Profile, you can maximize your visibility on Google and make sure all your relevant information is available online so customers can find you.

You can unlock endless opportunities and power up your business presence online with Google Business Profile. Creating a comprehensive and interactive listing for your company – you can manage its appearance on one of the world’s most renowned search engines to open doors to new possibilities!

Agency Height And Google Business Profile 

Agency Height has introduced a new feature through which we can help you create and verify your Google Business Profile. We can also help you optimize your profile to increase your visibility in the search engine. 

If you already have a Google Business Profile, we can even help you manage it. 

How Can Google Business Profile Help Insurance Agents  

Google Business Profile can help insurance agents soar to greater heights with little effort. Here are some of the significant advantages this platform offers:

Get Noticed Easily  

You can reach more people on Google, increase your visibility, and be noticed by a larger audience through your Google Business Profile.

When you search for a business on Google, have you ever noticed the map and list of businesses that appear at the top? That’s called “local pack” or “map pack”. By having an optimized Google Business Profile, you can make sure your business is included in those results.

The power of “near me” and “where to buy” searches is growing exponentially, with recent reports showing a 200% spike. Often referred to as “discovery” queries, these are not specific brand names but more general terms such as ‘restaurant.’ To ensure your business stands out among the rest and has maximum visibility in local search engine results, ensuring it’s fully optimized for geolocation should be a top priority.

Generate New Leads  

With people increasingly focused on local businesses, Google Business Profiles have become an essential tool for startups and established companies. Having a profile allows customers to easily find your business while they search online – with one, you may gain out on potential leads that can convert into revenue opportunities. And with 80 percent of users acting upon those results when searching locally, it’s clear the importance of optimizing and nurturing these profiles if you want to see increased earnings. Put simply: make sure having a fully fleshed-out google profile is part of your digital marketing strategy!  


Showcase Your Business  

Adding a Google Business Profile is easy to give your customers pertinent information, helping them know exactly how and where they can reach out. Plus, you can demonstrate who you are by adding photos, videos, and other attributes that showcase what’s important about your business — studies show this adds clicks in just the right place!  

Gain Insights About Your Customers  

Staying ahead in today’s highly competitive market means understanding who visits your business profile and how they find it. Thanks to Google Business Profile Insights, you can get the invaluable data needed for success – including age, gender, and location of customers; a breakdown of views from search engines and maps so you maximize visibility; and sources that direct traffic directly towards your website. Take advantage now!   

Leverage Customer Reviews  

Creating an effective online reputation is key for guiding customers when making their final decisions about your business! Reviews are a massive factor in the customer decision-making process – 93% of consumers check reviews to evaluate businesses, and 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading them. By taking advantage of the Google My Business review system, you can quickly establish trustworthiness with prospective clients and differentiate yourself from nearby competitors through star ratings.  

Show Up in Google Maps Searches  

When creating a Google My Business profile, you’re presented with the opportunity to be found in local searches. Take restaurants as an example; when gathering options, one usually narrows down by location – which is precisely how smartphone users search too! By verifying your business listing on Maps through GMB, clients can find out just how close your office or agency is to their current whereabouts. With that said-aloud, proximity plays an essential factor for anyone searching locally!  

Get In Google’s Local 3-Pack 

Getting into the top three of Google’s Local 3-Pack is challenging. To make it happen, your SEO game needs to be strong. But by setting up a profile on Google My Business, you will be one step closer! Not only does appearing in the pack increase visibility for your business, but it also puts essential information right at potential customers’ fingertips – giving you a competitive edge over other organic results.  

Build Credibility  

Put your business on the map! With a verified profile in Google’s local search, you’ll send signals of trustworthiness and reliability to potential customers. It can be daunting at first, with all its verification steps and requirements for approval – but it pays off when prospects see that Google has given its stamp of approval to your insurance agency.  

Increase Website Traffic   

Having quality website traffic is essential for any business’s success. With a Google My Business profile, you can maintain steady web clicks and minimize dips in numbers throughout the year. In fact, between Q4 2017 to 2018 alone, there was an increase of 29%! Not only will GMB help attract new visitors and maximize lead conversions – 64% of customers have used it previously to find local businesses’ info, after all! To get higher rankings & generate more site visits, ensure your details are accurate across platforms and keep them updated regularly – then watch those visitor stats soar!  

In A Nutshell,  

We hope you are all pumped up to create your Google Business Profile. Get started now, and reap all the platform’s benefits.  

If you are too busy to manage your Google Business Profile or need clarification about how to handle the platform, we can help you!  

With the help of our new technology, we can make your Google Business Profile management seamless. Sign up to learn more.  


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