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If you want to pursue a career in the insurance industry as an insurance agent, a license is a must!  So, let’s get started on the right foot! Follow Agency Height and get the info you need to prepare for your insurance license journey.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of insurance licenses are there?

Some of the most popular types of licenses issued in insurance are listed as follows:  

  • Accident and Health or Sickness  
  • Adjuster  
  • Automobile Insurance Agent (Limited Lines)  
  • Car Rental  
  • Cargo Shippers’ Agent  
  • Casualty Broker-Agent  
  • Credit Insurance Agent  
  • Life Agent  
  • Life and Disability Insurance Analyst  
  • Life-Limited To The Payment of Funeral And Burial Expenses   
  • Life Settlement Broker  
  • Personal Lines Broker-Agent  
  • Property and Casualty Broker-Agent  
  • Special Lines’ Surplus Line Broker  
  • Travel Insurance Agent (Limited Lines) 
  • Vehicle Service Contract Provider 

How much does an insurance license cost?

The cost of state licensing tests varies, but on average, they cost between $90-$350. The total cost of your insurance course, application, and exam in Texas and California will be around $375. 

How long does it take for an insurance license to expire?

The expiration dates vary by state, although most have a two-year validity period. They can, however, be renewed within a limited time. 

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Insurance License 101

Did you know that many insurance jobs require a license? On top of that there are policies for insurance license renewal, and reasons you might lose your license. Learn everything about insurance license in the U.S. through our comprehensive guides.

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Insurance License Cost By State

The total cost of getting an insurance license and timely renewing it may differ depending on the state you apply in. Costs associated with insurance licenses often include licensing exams, an application fee, a license ID, a renewal fee, and a fingerprinting service.

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Insurance license cost
Insurance license checklist

Insurance License Checklist

Are you applying for an insurance license but unsure about the requirements? We will explain everything to you! Learn about conditions and exceptions before applying for an insurance license through our comprehensive guide.

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