Nurse Insurance Is The Latest Upgrade In Healthcare

TLTR: This article explains why nurses need insurance, categories of nursing malpractice, and what is excluded from coverage.

According to the National Library of Medicine, nurse practitioners are identified 70% of the time in medical malpractice claims. Further, a majority of these unfortunate incidents occur in hospitals. They can happen regardless of a nurse’s skill level and experience.

These claims run high. That is to say, medical malpractice payouts in the United States reach well over $1 billion a year on average. For example, according to a ZRFM Law Firm report, there was a record $19 million medical malpractice settlement in March 2021 for a patient undergoing brain surgery. It’s important for nurses to get their insurance for they can avoid the hefty medical lawsuit bills that the healthcare sector is notorious for.

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Categories of Nurses Malpractice Which Requires Insurance

  • Communication 
  • Drug error 
  • Intervention 
  • Assessment 
  • Doctor Care 
  • Environment Safety  
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Why Does a Nurse Require Independent Insurance?

The primary layer of insurance for nurses ought to be professional liability insurance. To clarify, in healthcare, an employer’s coverage is very limited, and nurses are often misinformed about it. So, you should be sure to ask about the extent and price of your coverage if your hospital is providing your insurance.

Because nurses often move from one job to another, getting insurance independently allows them more flexibility and security. If the liability occurs outside hospital premises, these kinds of insurance are invaluable.

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Does a Nurse Require Additional Coverage?

Speak with an agent and discuss other areas at your workplace that a liability policy doesn’t cover. For example, if you run into technical difficulties, including with equipment, you’ll be better covered under workers compensation insurance.

This policy keeps you protected even as a private practitioner.

Insurance For Nursing Students

It’s not too early to get independent insurance if you’re still in nursing school, and have begun your requisite practicing. Regardless of whether your employer or your institution provides coverage, the best option to safeguard your future, reputation, and assets is to get insurance for nurses with complete coverage.  

In most cases, your affiliated organizations are more concerned about their own institution. Investigating your lawsuit, the cost of an attorney, and additional legal fees are not covered by regular employers. 

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Nurse Types in the United States

  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP)
The NP profession is growing and will likely continue to do so. In many states, nurses are able to diagnose, treat and prescribe medication. This allows NPs more flexibility than RNs, but it also doubles the risk of accidents and malpractice suits. A professional liability insurance takes the increased responsibilities of NPs and all possible outcomes into account.
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Exclusions in Insurance for Nurses

Exclusions in insurance policies include criminal allegations against the nurse. Punitive damages are also not covered. Additionally, if a nurse is providing services outside the scope of her license, insurance for nurses will not cover the damages from such claims.

As a nurse in the healthcare sector, you have additional duties to your insurance company when you receive insurance. For example, make sure to provide valid, up-to-date documents. Furthermore, always keep your company informed about changes in your practice, promotions and transfers. Lastly, speak with an agent to find the best coverage plan that suits you.

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