Insurance Expert Opinions

Home Insurance Expert Opinions

Most of my clients are first time homeowners coming from India. We walk them through the whole insurance process, advise them on discounts and educate them about various terms.

Krish Parlikad

Dearing, Kansas, USA

“We help clients upgrade policies every day, so they save money or get better coverage !

Douglas Schmidli

Tacoma, Washington, 98444

“One of my very first clients had an underinsured home. We managed to make the necessary changes to improve her coverage and lower her out-of-pocket costs.

Michael Scott

Port Huron, Michigan, 48060

Life Insurance Expert Opinions

“Answer questions truthfully and have your bank information and legal information ready to prove you’re insured.

Wanda V. Washington

South Carolina, USA

“Ask yourself why you’re buying life insurance and what you want to accomplish. There can be many things to consider, so having a trusted advisior will be very beneficial.

Michael L. Parish LUTCF

Indiana, USA

“Even with the inflation on the rise, with my 30 years’ experience and the large volume of Term life bought from over the phone, I’ve been able to lower orignal price quotes.

Syd Rogers

South Fallsburg, NY, USA

Commercial Insurance Expert’s Opinion

“Talk to an agent first to determine if he or she sounds like someone your could work with. Most carriers prefer the client to call in a report, but always contanct your agent first, so they can follow up on your behalf.

Steve Cranford

109 Von Logan Dr, Thomasville, US