A Remarkably Useful Insurance Customer Service Checklist for Agents

Insurance agents and agencies are under increasing pressure to create a distinctive brand image for themselves in the modern marketplace. One of the best ways insurance agencies can stand out, and stay active, relevant, and profitable is by providing top-notch insurance customer service. 

An insurance agency that prioritizes excellent customer service shows that they care about their customers and will always put them first. They are more easily able to establish trust and familiarity with their business in the community. Moreover, exceptional insurance customer service can help reduce the number of claims and build customer loyalty.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, focusing on customer satisfaction is a crucial agenda for the majority of businesses. This is because it leads to increased sales, and well as customer loyalty which increases and improves profits.

Here are five awesome tips for insurers looking to improve their customer service:

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Simplify the online experience: the first step for insurance customer service

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and take a look around your website. Can you easily navigate between pages or is it difficult to find basic information? What would make your experience better? When people can’t easily find the information that they’re looking for, they tend to look elsewhere. Perhaps opting for a minimal UI design for your business website with a drop-down FAQ section could help.

With so much information on the internet, individuals seeking specific information can quickly feel overwhelmed. Creating a website that provides clients with everything they need in a clear and accessible way can significantly help in customer retention and in providing top-notch insurance customer service. Here are some additional tips on how to sell insurance online in 2021. 

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Be available: a key for great insurance customer service

It’s becoming ever more evident that the insurance industry’s future is going to be built on digital foundations. If insurance agents and agencies are to strengthen their business model, accommodating this change should be a priority.     

More often than not, incidents that lead to insurance claims happen unexpectedly. That’s why an automated chat program on your business website that clients can access at any time is important. It can answer general queries, establish a responsive text channel, etc., which will help engage clients and keep them on board. 

Your clients want to have instant access to their data and information from wherever they are. Make sure they’re aware of and know how to access the online portal for their insurance carrier(s) if available. Easy accessibility of policy and billing information will greatly enhance the quality of your insurance customer service and your clients’ will appreciate it. 


Pamper your customers

Offering your clients promotional merchandise or a cup of coffee during their visit can make them feel like a guest rather than a customer in your workplace. Putting them at ease can positively influence their overall experience with the agent or the agency.  

It can also help bring in new customers and help retain old ones. When customers feel welcomed, relaxed, and are encouraged to ask questions and engage with the business, it creates a lasting impression. They’re more apt to listen to what agents are saying and offering to them. 

Spend time making your workplace clean and attractive and add a good coffee machine to your shopping basket while you’re at it. Make your clients feel special. It can greatly assist in building proper insurance customer service and in transitioning them into loyal customers.   

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Thank them for referrals

Organic leads that come in through referrals are the best types. It shows that you’re creating a positive reputation for yourself and your business. Every time you generate a lead through referrals, make it a point to thank the customer who provided it. Send them a quick note and/or small gift as a thank you. 

Make it a point to thank the referrer even if you fail to make a sale. A simple acknowledgment can help build a strong brand image for the agent. 

Always ask for feedback and improve your insurance customer service

Perhaps the most important tip for improving insurance customer service is to ask your clients what you can do to improve their overall experience with you. You may get a variety of answers. Every client is different and what works for one, might not work for another.  

Some clients can feel pressured and anxious when you offer them coffee and gifts, others might find it weird when you call to thank them for their referrals. So, ask your clients what worked for them and what didn’t. Always be open to changing your approach.   

Doing this will also make your clients feel that their experiences and opinions matter to you–which they should. 

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In Conclusion  

Providing top-notch insurance customer service should be the number one priority for agents. A personalized approach can greatly help in boosting a customer’s familiarity with both the agent and their insurance products. Research by ResearchGate suggests that quality customer service can give you a competitive edge in the contemporary marketplace. It also helps in establishing a strong and trustworthy brand image for the business. Providing a customer experience that is simple to navigate, and also, actually encourages interaction helps foster brand loyalty.

But it should also be noted that one approach will not always yield the same positive response. Agents should always be inquisitive and ask their customers for feedback and suggestions regarding their experience. For more tips on how you can successfully sell insurance, check out our article on insurance selling strategies.

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