Insurance Claims Process: An Agent In Need Is The Best Agent Indeed

Let’s face it, accidents and mishaps are inevitable parts of life. They come unannounced and can turn your client’s life upside down. It is during these unfortunate times that insurance agents can shine like a beacon of light in the darkness. While filing an insurance claim is never a positive thing, it is the responsibility of the insurance agent to guide the insured through the complex insurance claims process.

During these moments, you need to be on your A-game and deliver on your promises. Your clients will look to you for guidance and supervision that will see them through the insurance claims process. Your client may be under immense mental stress during this period, thinking about the accident and whether their insurance can fully cover their loss, liability, and medical costs. You’ll need to assess the situation and map out the best route forward.

Investopedia describes the insurance claim process as an official request made by the policyholder to an insurance company to provide compensation for a covered loss.

Here are five tips to make sure that your client has a positive experience during the insurance claims process:

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Provide Emotional Support During the Insurance Claims Process

If your client files an insurance claim, it is almost a guarantee that they are under immense psychological stress. As an insurance agent, one of the first and most essential points to consider is that you need to be able to give them the emotional support they need.

Representing and dealing with an emotionally unstable client can disrupt the insurance claims process and further delay proceedings. Make sure you’re creating a safe and comforting environment for your client. Be empathetic to their situation and be the agent that you would want to work with.

Infographic Insurance Claims Process
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Oversee The Lifecycle Of The Insurance Claims Process

When it comes to filing a claim, the more involved you are with your client, the better. Given the nature of the accident and the type of insurance claim that was filed, your client will appreciate any attention you give them.  

Make sure that you’re regularly following up with your clients. Create a schedule and set reminders. Try reaching out to them during the initial phase of the process when the claim is filed, and follow up in periodic intervals to establish consistency. Doing so will also set things in order and create a systematic approach moving forward. 

Setting a consistent schedule will also help your clients prepare the necessary documents on time and prepare themselves accordingly. Seeing the entirety of the claim through can help you in retaining customers, as well as in bringing in new customers through referrals from satisfied customers.             


Be The Sole Representative

During the insurance claims process, your client will need to interact with a lot of different adjusters. There may be one person who collects the initial information, another who does the actual inspection, another who assesses the damage, another who writes the check, etc. It isn’t uncommon for your clients to have to deal with over 10 different people. Add that on top of the overwhelming emotional stress that they are already going through, and your client can feel immense pressure.  

Establish yourself as the middle man for your client, as well as the adjusters. Make sure your client knows that they can always reach out to you for any insurance-related queries.             

best insurance claims process

Facilitate Prompt Actions

When it comes to the insurance claims process, the longer it drags, the more expensive it becomes. Always encourage your clients to act swiftly. Ask them to prepare all the necessary paperwork on time and to not miss out or be late for any of their meetings with the adjusters. 

Time is of the essence here! So don’t delay any of the processes. 

No one wants to feel dissatisfied as a result of the claims process. Insurance companies do not inherently seek to delay claims.  

Explain Coverages Before and During the Insurance Claims Process

Just because you explained their insurance coverage when you sold it to them, doesn’t mean that your clients fully understand and remember it now. It is during the claims process that they actually want to understand how their insurance works.  

Remember to explain in general terms what their insurance plan will and will not cover in regards to their situation. But it is also equally important not to make any promises.  

Insurance claims and coverages can be tricky and complicated. Your client will hold you accountable for every word and for every suggestion that you provide them. So be as general as possible when you’re explaining things to them.     

In Conclusion

It is during the insurance claims process that insurance agents get the chance to shine. Whether your client has a positive or negative experience ultimately depends on you and your ability to deliver on your promises. Conducting yourself in a professional and structured manner is an absolute must to see the claims process through.

As an insurance agent, you need to be there for your clients, both at an emotional level as well as in a professional manner. Research conducted by the International Journal of Engineering & Technology found that everything from trustworthiness, expertise to even their attractiveness had a high impact on their customer’s willingness to purchase a policy. So, be the agent you would want if you were in their position. Provide them with a general explanation of their situation and what their insurance covers. Assist them in preparing all the necessary documents swiftly and promptly.  

Doing so can greatly help in moving the insurance claims process forward in a timely manner. It helps establish a sense of trust, which can help in attaining new clients through referrals. These are only some of the roles that an insurance agent needs to cater to in order to better serve their clients.

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Infographic Insurance Claims Process

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