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Insurance Claim Process: Helping Clients is The Best Way to Retain Customers and Gain Referrals


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February 13, 2023 · 4 mins read

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12 thoughts on “Insurance Claim Process: Helping Clients is The Best Way to Retain Customers and Gain Referrals

We would advise you to not involve yourself in the claims process. However, while the claims adjuster knows what to do, the client only recognizes you as their insurance provider, and may not understand what the adjuster is doing. In this case, it is important for you to provide a familiar face to your clients. This in turn brings goodwill to your business, since you were there for your clients in a difficult situation.

Yes, got to agree that it’s important for agents to keep an eye on the service their clients get. Happy clients go a long way for agents’ success.

If you want your customers to feel comfortable with you, it is advised to get involved with as much steps as possible. It probably is the first time that your clients got into an accident, which means that they are probably scared and nervous. Since you are more knowledgeable than them on what to do during property damage, you need to step up and be involved as much as possible.

The average customer acquisition cost for the insurance industry is a whopping $303 – Wow, that’s new information. It definitely is a new POV; you’re losing money as you gain new customers instead of retaining old ones.

Yes, and a hefty price to pay for new customers! Make sure your clients are happy with you so that you save money! In the long run, your old customers are more than just customers, they’re a reflection of loyalty, value, and trust. Bring more to the table than selling insurance. Customer service is all about being there when they need you most.

Direct referrals work better when your customers trust in you enough to refer you to their friends and family. If you are showing your customers the value of being in business with you, there is always a chance that they will want their loved ones to work with you as well.

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