How To Retain Your Insurance Buyers And Foster Excellent Relationships

For any company or individual trying to sell a product, the most important part of their business is their clients. In your case it’s the insurance buyers. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with unique customer appreciation ideas. Your customer’s happiness is directly correlated to your professional growth. A research by CISION has found that 84% of companies that worked to enhance their customer experience saw an increase in their revenue.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”—Jeff Bezos

Customer relations isn’t always easy and there can be times when customer appreciation ideas can be difficult to come by. It can be especially tricky with insurance buyers. Here are 7 fresh customer appreciation ideas to keep your clients happy.

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Ask Your Insurance Buyers About Their General Well-Being

The year 2020 has been draining for everyone around the world—both physically and mentally. Taking the time to ask your insurance buyers about their experience with the pandemic will help you gain insight into how they are doing.

Asking them questions such as “How has the lockdown been for you?”, or “How has the ongoing pandemic affected you personally?”, can help them feel a sense of warmth and solidarity. You can also use more general statements such as, “I hope your day has been going well.” or “I hope you are following safety precautions and taking care of your health.”

Getting a general overview of their well-being is quite important for you as a salesperson and will work as good customer appreciation ideas.

Customer Appreciation Ideas to boost sales

Insurance Buyers Love Merchandise!

A t-shirt that has your business logo on it or a cup with your credentials printed on it can go a long way. Merchandise companies have various products which you can provide to your insurance buyers. You can always start small and purchase merchandise just to give away to new customers. After your business and budget have grown a bit, you can get more merchandise to give to your existing clientele when they renew their policy with you. This acts as solid customer appreciation ideas.

The merchandise can be in the form of notepads, stickers, pens, t-shirts, cups, paperweights, etc. Getting merchandise may not seem like a big deal initially, but day after day when the insurance buyers drink their morning coffee in a cup with your business logo on it and as a result to think of you subconsciously. As independent agents, investing a small amount in getting some merchandise made will help your clients feel special.

Send Seasonal Greetings to Your Insurance Buyers

The pandemic has forced everyone to be more virtually connected. Sending out seasonal greetings especially for big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s will remind your insurance buyers that you not only care about their business but also their joy and happiness.

These types of customer appreciation ideas will cost you nothing as there are many free apps such as Canva, which includes hundreds of pre-made templates. Even if there isn’t a holiday coming up soon, you can take the time now to design your greeting so you’ll be ready when it eventually rolls around.


Supporting Their Ventures

Many of your insurance buyers probably have a start-up or side business of their own. Giving a shout-out to their business on one of your social media platforms helps them potentially grow their customer base. Indeed, this idea may not apply to all of your customers, it will be relevant to many of them.

By supporting their ideas and ventures, you are making an invisible pact that goes two ways. In turn, your customers are more likely to recommend your insurance plans to their client base. Forming a network with your clients can take you a long way and even open up prospects for future partnerships. Meanwhile, it’s also free of cost and can take only a few minutes of your time!

Send Birthday Cards To Your Insurance Buyers

Everyone loves receiving attention on their birthday. As an insurance agent, you probably already have a list of your client’s special day. Having a calendar to track all of your customer’s birthdays can be a game-changer in improving your customer relations. So, you can even draft a standard birthday e-mail and schedule them on your calendar app.

Scheduling your e-mails will make it a seamless effort on your end and will make your insurance buyers feel valued. Identically, try to remember customers who feel valued and remembered long after they have given you their business are the ones who stay loyal.

Customer Appreciation Ideas for Insurance Agents

Keep Track of Major Changes in Your Insurance Buyers’ Life

One of the major reasons that businesses lose customers is when they don’t feel appreciated. Don’t have an indifferent attitude towards your insurance buyers life. Keeping track of life changes such as deaths, marriages, babies and moves can help you keep the conversation going and show them that you care.

For example, if you come across some insurance buyers who have recently lost a family member then it’s always a wise idea to send them a condolence note. Similarly, if you come across a customer who has recently married or had a child, a congratulatory note with good wishes is one of the better customer appreciation ideas.


Connecting with Them on LinkedIn

Likewise, connecting with your insurance buyers on LinkedIn is a win-win tactic. You get to increase your number of connections while also keeping up with their professional life updates. A small like on their new job or a congratulatory comment on a life update will help your customers think about you and your business more often than you would know.

Being in the back of your insurance buyers mind can help you stay connected and relevant. So go ahead and make that connection now!

Bonus Idea: Send Gifts to Insurance Buyers

Furthermore, if you have had insurance buyers doing business with you for a couple of years, the above-mentioned customer appreciation ideas are likely to get old. For an old and loyal customer, it’s important that you find ways to surprise them. What better way than to send them a small gift?

Customer appreciation gifts don’t necessarily have to be grand gestures that are out of your budget. It can be a small gift basket of bath bombs and personal care products on their birthday. Sites like Spoonful of Comfort have comprehensive lists to help you decide what kind of gifts you want to be giving to your clients.

Secondly, you can also partner with a local bakery and send customized cookies to your loyal and long-standing insurance buyers. Adding a little sweetness to someone’s day can never go wrong.

What are some Customer Appreciation Ideas

Final Words

Finally, client relations are extremely important to retain your customer base. If you are an independent agent or a new business house, showing your insurance buyers how much you value them and their business is critical to generating more revenue.

Has this article been helpful to you? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us. If you are looking for more ways to form better client relationships then make sure to read our insurance blogs!


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