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The Complete Guide into Insurance as Career

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January 30, 2023 · 10 mins read

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12 thoughts on “The Complete Guide into Insurance as Career

I was searching for an article that gave me options within insurance industry and here I find everything I had been looking for at one place. Thank you so much for this detailed information.

Thank you for the comment. Let us know if there’s anything we can add to give you a better experience.

While independent and captive agents have their own pros and cons, I believe being an independent agent would allow more flexibility and control over ones’ business.

Indeed! Independent agents have the freedom to choose what they carry. However, here is an in-depth article that looks into which route as an insurance agent would be better for you. Captive agents may have an established brand backing them up, but insurance agents have the freedom to choose which carriers to work with.

Once our phones became smart, it changed the game. I guess it’s the same way for the insurance industry. These jobs will continue to grow and be very customer centric as well was support many types of insurance products!

Thank you for the comment! Indeed, most fear that technology and AI may have us losing our jobs, but there is a way to use available technology to further our connection with the customers. Insurance industry is always expanding, and we always have space for you.

Yes, absolutely. Many factors such as demography, proclivity to natural disasters, laws and regulations, etc. of the different states change the need for insurance agents from state to state.

While a career as an underwriter may be paying you higher than that of an insurance agent, the job requirements are heavy and demanding. As an insurance agent you are able to work in your own time, chase leads, build a rapport with your clients, and choose your carriers. You can change your careers at any time. Here’s an in-depth artice to know all about getting licensed to sell.

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