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Insurance Agents Need These 5 Qualities To Excel In 2021

Do you find joy and satisfaction in helping people protect and secure their financial wellbeing? If the answer is yes, then a career as an insurance agent might be something to look into. Contrary to popular belief, figuring out how to become an independent insurance agent isn’t as difficult as one might think.

With a relatively simple entry requirement and a high-earning potential, it isn’t surprising to see that IBISWorld records that as of 2020, there are over 410,000 insurance brokers and agencies in the US.

But finding success in the field is a whole different ball game! More competition means that you’ll need to fight for good opportunities. It also means that you’ll need to deal with a high rate of customer rejections.

This line of work can certainly be stressful and discouraging. So, how can you stand out in the crowd? And what separates a decent agent from a great one? Here we’ll discuss some of the qualities that are essential for every successful agent to possess.

Here are 5 must-have qualities of a great insurance agent:

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A Winning Personality Does Wonders For An Insurance Agent

Perhaps the most important trait for any agent, regardless of their field, is to have a positive and professional personality. Clients tend to gravitate towards agents who show eagerness to find solutions to their problems. An agent who doesn’t show any enthusiasm might immediately discourage them from making any purchase decision.

Another vital trait for an insurance agent is the ability to handle rejection. It is important to understand that rejection is not a failure and to put yourself back out there. In the modern insurance field, agents will have to get accustomed to getting rejected by multiple customers daily. But persistence should be the fuel that keeps them going.

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Proper Product Knowledge Is Key

Just having a great personality isn’t enough to warrant consideration as a great insurance agent. You must have a thorough knowledge of everything you’re offering your clients. This includes having up-to-date knowledge of the insurance coverage, its benefits to the clients, its range and limitations, as well as the services offered by the competitors.

An agent must also have an extensive understanding of the state tax laws and other legal aspects of the products they’re selling. They need to be able to provide solutions that can meet the needs of their clients.

Insurance Agents Must be Effective Communicators

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”—Peter Drucker

When it comes to customers, deciding to get insurance is as much a personal decision, as it is a professional one. A great insurance agent should be able to assess their clients and decide what they need.

They should also be able to then properly relay the relevant information in a manner that  is comprehensible to their clients. Using jargon can put off clients and discourage them  from making a purchase decision.

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A Trustworthy Insurance Agent is Reliable

When a potential customer transitions into a client, it means that they are putting their trust in you. So, you need to be able to deliver on their expectations.

Agents who try to deceive their clients to close a deal not only put themselves at risk of legal consequences but also their carriers as well. Insurance agents should understand that being honest and truthful is what wins clients over and earn their trust and respect.

Be Open And Available

The relationship between a client and their insurance agent is hopefully a long-term affair. Depending on the type of insurance claim, each insurance type comprises multiple steps and processes. From filing a claim to getting a policy reviewed by an adjuster, every stage of the process needs careful and professional observation and guidance.

When clients can easily get a hold of their agent—be it through an email, a phone call, text, etc.—they are more likely to be happy and stay content. It also adds to their level of trust and comfort with the agent.

Setting clear hours of operation and making sure your clients know what to do in emergencies is a must. Aim to respond to client emails and voicemails within 24 business hours. This helps set clear boundaries and expectations between agents and their clients.

Additionally, investing in a quality phone and computer with access to all your databases is an absolute must so that you can respond to clients quickly and easily from anywhere.

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In Conclusion

Working on building these qualities can greatly assist in attracting new clients, as well as retaining old ones. When an agent comes off as professional, trustworthy, and available, they are more likely to attract new customers which equates to more revenue. However, developing these traits can often be demanding and time-consuming.

These are just some of the top traits that any successful insurance agent needs to have. There are still numerous other qualities that can help in ensuring a seamless workflow.

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