Last Updated: June 21, 2022

The 2022 IBA Elite Women Awards Recognizes Trailblazing Women in Insurance 

Eighty-five inspirational women in insurance bag the Insurance Business America (IBA) Elite Women Awards in 2022.  

This prestigious group of women represented the most influential and inspiring women in different positions. Among the awardees, 7 winners were department heads/leaders, while 4 were partners/staff employees. There were 23 C-suite executives and 51 directors/managers/presidents.  

These women were honored for their contributions to the insurance business as leaders. Not only did they excel in their careers, but also constantly paved the way for other women to pursue careers in insurance. 

IBA also released the data for number of winners based on U.S. states: 

State  No. of Winners 
New York  15 
California  11 
Illinois  10 
Texas  7 
Georgia  5 
Massachusetts  5 
Florida  4 
Connecticut  4 
New Jersey 4
Ohio  3 
Missouri  3 
Not specified  3 
Maryland  2 
Pennsylvania  2 
Virginia  1 
Rhode Island  1 
District of Columbia  1 
Wisconsin  1 
Kansas  1 
Washington  1 
Oregon  1 

Pandemic burnout had massive impact on everyone, but women, as their families’ primary caretakers, shouldered a bigger burden. In this new era, juggling work and personal life is nothing less than a feat for women.

Also, the fact that women face both conscious and unconscious bias at work leading to pay equity discrepancies, cannot go unnoticed. As per CNBC, finance and insurance is among the top 5 industries with the largest pay gap between men and women in 2022, where women only take home 0.77 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Despite the barriers, women in insurance and other financial sectors have been showing resilience and strived for success. For this, they deserve admiration, respect, and most of all equity.

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