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How to Become an Independent Insurance Agent: A Cheat Sheet for 2023

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February 10, 2023 · 6 mins read

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15 thoughts on “How to Become an Independent Insurance Agent: A Cheat Sheet for 2023

Thank you for the comment! We aim to arm our independent insurance agents with the right knowledge and information. Independent agencies thrive with their agents, which is why it is important to learn all tips and tricks on building an agency.

Here to help! A non-compete clause is put on the contract to make sure that the insurance agent does not work at another insurance agency that partakes in “competitive business”. “Competitive business” refers to any offered service or products offered by companies that are similar to the company the agent previously works in. The company determines the time period and geographic scope of the clause.

While we know that independent insurance agencies thrive on Insurance FMO model, it is not always the case. Your business has unique requirements, which can be identified and dealt with when looked into. Please contact us for more details.

This was a great read! But I am confused as I see both Brightway and Covered by SAGE as good choices for me. They seem to have different business models. I wonder which one would be the right choice for me.

Your business has unique needs and requirements, and there is no way to decide right here and now which model may work for your independent insurance agency. However, here is a blog that dives into how both of these agencies work to help insurance agents better. Feel free to contact us should you need more assistance.

Superb, going to give my P&C license in two months. Should that be enough time for me to prepare?

Are there performance expectations from AH, and in a nutshell, what are the activation costs immediate and long term for the agent?
Finally, what’s in it for AH?


Hi Ronald, there are no immediate costs, and we have not considered charging any kind of fees yet.
For AH, we need more agents to help insureds find agents in every city, so to be able to do that we’re encouraging more sign-ups for free.
As for the performance expectations, we expect your AH profile to have the correct information and be fully optimized. Hope this helps, Ronald!

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