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Shopping for home insurance can be a challenge. With various options available in the market, it is hard for insurance shoppers like yourself to decide on your choice of coverage. People can also make an argument that you can find the best homeowners insurance with tons of research and even through conversations with people. But there can be instances where the coverage needs of someone you know may not match yours. 

Yes, doing your own research, assessing your needs, and finding out what coverage your peers have is a viable solution to finding out your own best insurance option. However, it’s always a great idea to consult with an insurance expert. After all, who is the best person to ask about what coverage best fits you?  

The insurance agent from whom you’re going to buy. 

This is where insurance experts come in to provide you with their opinions on insurance coverage options that are available. These experts have the experience and knowledge to help you understand the ins and outs of insurance policies.  

With that in mind we here at Agency Height reached out to some of our listed members and asked them a few questions regarding their experiences. 

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Home Insurance Expert Opinions

Krish Parlikad

How Do Agents Assist First Time Home Buyers? 

Most of my clients are first time homeowners coming from India. We walk them through the whole of the Insurance process. We advise them the meaning of escrow and also what are the benefits of escrow and the minus side too. We advise them regarding the various discounts available .If they are buying an older house, we advise them to check the condition of the roof.

Our clients are not familiar with terms like Crawl space and the description of the exterior. We have to educate them with all these terms. Finally, we have to educate them about the difference between reimbursement cost and actual cash value etc. 

How Do Agents Handle Switching or Upgrading from A Client’s Existing Insurance Policy?

We do this very often. Once they come to us for an Auto policy, we explain to them the benefits of bundling and then we get their home policy too. 

Are Agents Able to Tackle Situations That Lead to The Insurance Policy Being Invalidated?

Mostly, the policy is likely to be terminated due to some structural issues and we guide them to fix these issues and then the policy is reinstated without much problem. 

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Most of my clients are first time homeowners coming from India. We walk them through the whole insurance process, advise them on discounts and educate them about various terms.

Krish Parlikad

Dearing, Kansas, USA

Douglas M Schmidli

How Do Insurance Experts Assist First Time Homeowners? 

First time homeowners are just following the directions of their realtor or lender in most cases, to find the cheapest home insurance they can buy. The Robinson’s were looking for the cheapest insurance they could get to keep their monthly payments down. We reviewed the options on the quotes, suggesting they protect the home for the replacement cost and take a higher deductible to keep the premium within the budget. 

Do Insurance Buyers Look to Switching or Upgrading Their Existing Home Insurance Policy?

We help clients upgrade policies every day, in order to get better coverage, or to save money! It is a seamless process that is part of customer service. 

Are Insurance Agents Capable of Handling Cases That Lead to Policy Invalidation?

We had a client purchase home insurance during the worst days of covid, that was cancelled due to no siding on the home at the time. We were able to get premises liability insurance for the client until the siding was completed. 

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We help clients upgrade policies every day, so they save money or get better coverage!

Douglas Schmidli

Tacoma, Washington, 98444

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Michael Scott

How Can Insurance Agents Help First-Time Homebuyers?

Earlier this year, I was working with a young man who had just started a family and was in the process of purchasing their first home. Because of the nature of his job, which is seasonal and warrants a lot of overtime income on an annual basis, he was having trouble qualifying for a mortgage from a debt-to-income standpoint.

With prior experience in the mortgage industry as a Loan Originator, I was able to recognize his issue and prepare him two policies. One, that was affordable to get him approved for his loan and provide his home with temporary coverage. After the closing, we went through his coverages and conducted a review to tailor his policy to meet all his family’s needs. 

How Do Insurance Experts Handle Switching or Upgrading A Client’s Existing Insurance Policy?

Yes. Reviewing the policy of one of my very first clients, I quickly discovered that her home was underinsured and that the agent from her prior carrier had marked her finished basement as unfinished. She didn’t have any water backup coverage and her Dwelling Protection limits weren’t high enough to cover the entire cost of rebuilding the home if she were to experience a total loss.

Not only did we make the necessary changes to improve her coverage, but I also enrolled her with claims forgiveness and diminishing deductible while managing to lower her out-of-pocket costs. 

Are Agents Capable of Handling Situations That Lead to Insurance Policy Invalidation?

After enrolling a client, we soon learned there were some issues with his roof after the home went through a visual inspection during the underwriting process. The client was facing termination of his homeowner’s policy unless the roof was remediated.

Because of financial limitations and the lengthy delay of response times related to contractors in today’s economy, the client and I decided to pursue a temporary measure to remove the extended coverage on his roof (removing replacement cost & swapping it for actual cash value) in order to maintain the coverage on the dwelling, a level of coverage on the roof until it’s overhauled, and the integrity of his liability protections that protect his financial welfare.

Currently, he is in the process of remediating the issues with his roof, is maintaining coverage on the dwelling, and will eventually regain his extended roof coverage when the contractor has finished the repairs. 

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One of my very first clients had an underinsured home. We managed to make the necessary changes to improve her coverage and lower her out-of-pocket costs.

Michael Scott

Port Huron, Michigan, 48060


Cleveland Insurance Brokers

What Insurance Options Do First Time Homeowners Get?

We regularly shop 10 carriers for those purchasing a new home, which results in great rates most times. 

Do Insurance Buyers Look to Upgrade or Switch Their Insurance Policy?

Yes, many times. We typically sell on value by offering savings and better coverage. 

Are Agents Capable of Handling Situations That Lead to Insurance Policy Invalidation?

We communicate with our clients to figure out a solution – whether that means making necessary repairs with the current carrier, or placing the policy with another carrier. 

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“If there’s a situation that can lead to policy invalidation, we communicate with our clients and figure out a solution.”

Cleveland Insurance Brokers

Middleburg Heights, Ohio, 44130

Should You Consult with An Insurance Expert?

These are just some of the insurance agents and agencies who are out there making sure that their customers know and get all the benefits of the policy they are purchasing.  

In addition to that these super agents are also taking their time educating their customers about simple and important things about anything related to buying insurance. 

When it comes to something as important as your home, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible insurance coverage. Home insurance is a necessary expense, but it can be difficult to decide on the right policy for your needs.  

That’s why it’s a good idea to seek out the opinion of an insurance expert. With their help, you can be one step closer to getting the right coverage for your home. 

If you’re looking for an insurance agent in your locality, book a free consultation and find one right away. 

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