Home Insurance Cost by State 2023

The average cost of homeowners insurance in the United States is $1,383 per year for $250,000 in dwelling coverage, although your actual cost may vary depending on the state where you reside.  

When looking for home insurance, knowing the national average as well as how your state’s average premium compares may be a helpful reference when getting estimates for back-home insurance. The tables below provide a fast comparison of the average homeowners’ insurance between Texas, Florida, Georgia and California. 

The tables below represent the annual premium for average annual premium for $250k dwelling coverages for states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, and California. Followed by the tables includes the major perils that can affect your premiums in the mentioned states. 


City  Average annual premium for $250K dwelling coverage 
Arlington  $2,375
Austin  $1,320 
Corpus Christi  $1,920 
Dallas  $2,181 
El Paso  $1,119 
Fort Worth  $2,291 
Garland  $2,236 
Houston  $1,991 
Irving  $2,236 
Laredo  $1,387 
Lubbock  $2,096 
Plano  $2,014 
San Antonio  $1,464 
Waco  $1,698 

With 118 tornadoes reported, the Lone Star State had the highest tornado activity in 2021. With 5,576 wildfires, Texas also had the second-highest number of documented wildfires in 2021. Furthermore, Texas typically reports the most hail damage claims yearly compared to all other states. 


City  Average annual premium for $250K dwelling coverage 
Fort Lauderdale  $2,476 
Hialeah  $3,319 
Jacksonville  $1,063 
Miami  $3,090 
Orlando  $1,432 
St. Petersburg  $1,122 
Tampa  $1,453 

Despite being known as the Sunshine State, Florida records the highest rainfall in the country. It has a long coastline and a narrow shape. Much of the state is vulnerable to flooding, wind damage, and hurricanes. Thus, this makes Florida a tough market for homeowners’ insurance.

Source: Forbes Advisor 

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City  Average annual premium for $250K dwelling coverage 
Atlanta  $1,386 
Augusta  $1,413 
Columbus  $1,461 
Macon  $1,379 
Savannah  $1,421 

 Although Georgia may not come to mind when thinking of tornadoes, it’s a common occurrence in the Peach State. Furthermore, even though only a small fraction of Georgia is on the shore, hurricane damage is typical. There are areas in the state that are also susceptible to flooding. 


City  Average annual premium for $250K dwelling coverage 
Anaheim  $1,095 
Bakersfield  $976 
Chula Vista  $984 
Fontana  $1,178 
Fremont  $899 
Fresno  $954 
Irvine  $1,085 
Long Beach  $1,144 
Los Angeles  $1,385 
Modesto  $918 
Oakland  $1,071 
Riverside  $1,156 
Sacramento  $925 
San Bernardino  $1,225 
San Diego  $974 
San Francisco  $1,033 
San Jose  $867 
Santa Ana  $1,064 
Stockton  $961 

California, aka the Golden State, is renowned for its natural beauty and laid-back attitude, yet residents face several dangers. The ten most costly wildfires in American history occurred in California, where they are frequently seen. As earthquakes are another constant threat in the state, home insurance with additional Earthquake coverage is a must. 

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