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Goosehead vs. Renegade Insurance: Which is Better for Agents?


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January 8, 2024 · 8 mins read

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35 thoughts on “Goosehead vs. Renegade Insurance: Which is Better for Agents?

Hello Todd!
We will be entering Virginia soon.
If you would like to get notified please leave your contact details on our “Contact us” page.

Hey John,
Yes, Renegade Insurance offers comprehensive training and support to help Allstate agents transition into owning their successful independent insurance agencies.

It is really good to see how Renegade Insurance is trying to bring about a new change in the insurance industry. What they offer to agents is really well thought out and kind of like a breath of fresh air.

The ‘plug and play technology’ is something I am interested in. Is there any way to get more information on it?

Renegade Insurance’s guaranteed buy outs sound very lucrative. Can I contact someone for additional information?

This is an amazing piece of information. Is there any timeline regarding Renegade’s expansion to the West Coast?

Hello. Presently there isn’t any such timeline for the West Coast. But feel free to contact us here for any other queries that you many have.

Does tying up with Renegade Insurance mean an agent has a requirement to sell different lines of insurance policies?

Hi. It is not mandatory for you to work with different, new lines of insurances if that isn’t your forte. You have ample freedom and time to explore your strengths. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any more queries.

Yes. Goosehead definitely did have a great start at the beginning. But like all things it necessary to adapt to the surroundings and ongoing market trends. Pleased to know how Renegade Insurance is adapting and moving forward in the insurance industry.

Thank you for your kind words. We are glad that you liked the article. Do let us know if we can improve in any regard.

Glad to see the insurance industry is improving. However, I would urge writers to keep these articles updated as companies make changes

Hi, I am in the process of terminating my contract with GH. I love the similarity in business model without the overhead of office space that is rarely used. Can you share which states Renegade is currently writing in and if there are an geographical restrictions on agents?

Are you currently writing business in Florida and how many carriers are available and also do i keep 110% ownership of my book of business.


Does the independent agent have the authority to carry his/her own named agency with Renegade? Or does it have to be named Renegade?

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